Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's A...

Sorry I have been so MIA lately; I just honestly have not made time to blog lately. Pregnant women aren't lying when they say are exhausted! I seriously go to bed at 9 every night (getting a solid 8.5 hours of sleep), take a nap during my lunch break most days, and haven't even been working out and I'm just wiped. It's crazy!

Luckily, my morning sickness has all gone away (aside from a few random times like working out on an empty stomach or drinking apple juice first thing in the morning without eating) and besides a lot of headaches, acne, and exhaustion, I feel great!

I am now 18 weeks pregnant and am so anxious to feel the little movements of our little baby! I think I might have felt a few flutters/somersaults this morning but I can't rule out hunger pains so who knows what it actually was! Haha

Now for the news you have all been waiting for...

We have already had two ultrasound techs tell us the gender (at 12 & 16 weeks), but I like to know for sure (I'm a worry wart) so we weren't ready to announce the gender until we had a third opinion which happened today! Just like the last two ultrasound techs said, Baby L is a...


And, most importantly, perfectly healthy!

We are over the moon excited about our baby girl and I have already started buying headbands and bows for her! I always dreamed of having a little girl but I was really convinced this baby was a boy, so it has been quite the surprise for me (Jacob, my mom, and my niece all said it was a girl from the very beginning).

We cannot wait to meet you Lilyann! Keep growing strong and we will see you in May!!