Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Too Good For Leftovers

Something exciting happened to me today...

I ran out of shampoo and conditioner at the EXACT same time! This never happens! Usually I have a ton of leftover conditioner when you run out of shampoo, but not this time. I guess my hair has been extra conditioned lately? lol

Today, after hours of trying to dig my brother's truck out of the mud and having to resort to borrowing a tractor, I realized I don't have enough friends with big trucks. From now on, I think I'll make that a pre-requisite to be my friend.
Question 1: Are you crazy or have a background of being crazy?
Question 2: Are you a backstabber?
Question 3: Do you have a big truck?

Afterwards, we got into a discussion of the fact that I do not eat leftovers. My sister-in-law made mashed potatoes (one of my favorite things) and we had a ton left over, so of course we stuck it in the fridge. Andrew said, "I don't know why you waste your time saving leftovers mom, Lana won't eat them. It's like she thinks she's too good for leftovers." lol. He was absolutely right. The fact of the matter is that I DESPISE leftovers; aside from a few dishes, I just won't eat leftovers. When I'm in a restaurant and don't eat all my food, I never ask for a to-go box, I just throw it away. Most people would consider me to be wasteful, but I like to think of it as being conservative with what I eat. ha ha jk.

My hatred of leftovers can also be depicted in the real world. I hate "leftover" men. I can guarantee you, if the guy wasn't good enough for another girl, then he won't be good enough for me. Not that my standards are extremely high (we've gone over my standards before), but the truth is I don't want a partially used (never to be complete again) man. I want a whole man! lol. Preferably one with lots and lots of money. ha ha jk jk

I have two thoughts for today:

My first thought of the day is why do guys think they know what they want until they get it, and then they promptly decide they don't want it?
No, I'm not saying girls don't do this also (because I know we do), but today my rant is about guys. lol. My best friend had 3 guys fighting for her awhile back. Not fighting in the literal sense, although that would be pretty cool, but in the vying for her attention sense. She didn't know which one to choose so we literally created a tally to help her decide. One of the guys completely took the lead and impressed her. Like he did all the time, he asked her to choose him so she did, feeling as though he had earned a chance. Within two days of her choosing him, he gave the excuse that he wasn't over his ex-girlfriend and that it wasn't the right time for them to have a relationship. Why, then, did he try to get with her in the first place? Ugh. Oh well, his loss.

Thought Two: Why does everybody cheat on their significant others? I have been cheated on several times, and I know many other undeserving people who have been also. Why, when you choose to be in a monogamous relationship, would you cheat on them and expect them never to find out? Grow some balls and some decency and stick with the person you chose!

Clue of the day: My hot date includes twins :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

I have a confession to make...

Last night, I had a blonde moment...these don't happen very often for me

I wanted to try waxing instead of shaving, so I was following the directions on what to do. Last time I tried this wax, it was just a sticky mess; however, I wanted to give it one more chance before it was banished to the trash can. Because it was so sticky last time, the container was still sticky and messy so (being the smart person that I am) I began looking around the kitchen for something to sit it on in the microwave. I looked at various lids and plates but didn't want to melt them or get them sticky. Then I saw a cardboard box and I thought "that would be perfect to use! I'll tear off a little piece and use it like a plate; I'm so smart." lol. I was very proud of myself. I stuck the wax container on the cardboard and in the microwave. Within 30 seconds, a horrible odor filled the house...yep, that's right, cardboard burns...lesson learned. ha ha. Just a side note, the house STILL smells like burnt cardboard (an entire day later) lol.

After the burnt cardboard incident, I attempted to use the wax...once again, it proved to be a sticky mess. After some help from a bottle of Goo Gone and my trusty razor, I was able to fix the mess. However, the bowl of wax was not so lucky; last night, the wax met it's new home...the TRASH CAN.

RIP Avon Skin-(Not) So-Soft Wax Kit...
You will not be missed...

You May Collect Your $200 and Pass Go

When a light turns from green to yellow, do you slow down or speed up?
When you're driving through a school zone, do you watch for children or cops?

I have realized that I am rushing through life, and I shouldn't be. How did I realize this, you may wonder? While driving to Subway for lunch today, the traffic light turned to yellow and I found myself speeding up. I was no more hungry that usual, so why was I in a hurry to get food? If you know me at all, you know I eat 24/7...I take full advantage of my fast metabolism. I know one day, it'll catch up to me and I'll get fat (as was so rudely pointed out by my boss this morning as I was devouring a cinnamon roll), but I'll worry about it when it happens.
Upon further consideration, I realized I do this EVERY time I see a yellow light. The agitation of having to sit at a red light and wait my turn is overwhelming for me. I would rather speed through the yellow light and risk getting pulled over or causing a wreck, than sit at the light.

Every day, I pass an elementary school which has a speed limit of 25. The normal speed limit on this road is 35; the Lana speed on this road is around 43. During school hours, I find myself going the normal speed limit (35), feeling as though it is a fair compromise. However, I know I'm in the wrong because the whole time, I'm looking all around for cops; my eyes are planted in that rear view mirror. I don't figure this compromise will go over too well when I get pulled over and explain my reasoning to the cop, but I'll worry about that when it happens. My question is, why do we speed through school zones looking for cops? The purpose of the lower speed limit is to protect the kids; however, we are too busy with our lives to slow down for their protection. Instead, we selfishly speed through looking for cops...NOT KIDS...what's wrong with this picture?

Why am I in such a hurry to rush through life?

I am blessed in the fact that I am healthy and have an AMAZING family; I should be enjoying every day of my life. Lol. Even though I have such a mundane schedule…

From now on, I’m going to enjoy my life and the craziness and spontaneity that it contains. No longer will I speed through school zones looking for cops and speed up for yellow lights.

Well…let’s be practical; if you know me at all, you know how I drive and you also know this is just wishful thinking lol.

After years of tediously planning every detail of my life, I have come to realize NONE of my plans actually work out. Lol. So…I just shoot for the moon and happily land amongst the stars, living each day to it’s fullest.

I could look at the things I want to accomplish in my life (which is A LOT—I have a never-ending Bucket List, kinda like that show “The Buried Life” lol). Instead, I want to focus on what I have done. For being so young, I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime:

I have read the entire Bible (in under a year, I might add ;))

I have gone on many mission trips

I have potty-trained an uncountable number of children (pretty impressive for a child-less bachelorette ;))

l have been to 1/3 of the 50 states (I’m shooting for all 50)

I have been out of the country (this summer will make 2 times)

I have helped many strangers

I am a published author (I was published at the age of 5)

I wrote an article that made front page, above the fold

I have attended 6 colleges (I know, that’s not an accomplishment but it’s still pretty cool lol)

I own around 75 pairs of shoes (pretty impressive, I know lol)

I know how to weld

I have gone sky diving

And many other things I can’t think of right now…lol

I am going to slow down not only my driving speed, but also my speed through life. In my short 20 years, I have accomplished a lot and I have MANY more years to complete my bucket list, so why rush?

Btw, I HATE Monopoly (the title was fitting though) fingers are going numb because they're crossed so tightly

Hope you have a great Hooker Boot Thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength

My dear friend, Autumn, told me that today.
She knows I've been going through a lot lately so she sent me a text saying
"Hang in there! You're one of the strongest girls I know. Keep your chin up! You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!"

Man, I love that girl. She always knows just what to say to make me feel better. We have this odd sense of encouraging each other at random times. These random times just so happen to be when we need each other most. Kind of like we have ESPN (ha ha Mean Girls quote, sorry if you don't get it) or

Today's thought is about love and authority.
Why is it that we fight to possess authority in relationships? I am one of the world's worst at wanting to wear the pants in the relationship, but why?
Authority is like can always grow. When you were born, you were automatically programmed to love your parents. Did you love them any less when you got a puppy or your parents had another baby? I realize I just compared a baby to a dog...I am the baby of the family so having younger siblings is a hard concept for me to grasp lol. Did you love your family any less when you started dating and/or got married? The answer to these questions is no; love continuously grows and expands, just like authority.
In a business, managers share their authority with their employees in order to better the business. Shouldn't we do the same in our relationships? Maybe, just maybe, sharing the authority would improve our relationships with one another. Which, in the long run, could strengthen or love for one another....

Clue of the day: my HOT date includes somebody who loves cookies...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Hear Wedding Bells...

Definitely not my own though :)

You know you are getting old when one of your ex-boyfriends is married, one just got engaged, and two are soon to follow.
I feel old and lonely, like an old hag. ha ha jk jk.

I LOVE my life and could not imagine being married at my age...that's just CRAZY...

I keep hearing about people I graduated with getting engaged, getting married, or having babies. I'm excited for them but I've even more excited that it's not me.
Sure, I always wanted to be a young mother but I want to accomplish MY dreams first.
Is that selfish, or goal-oriented?

On another note, I have a HOT date March 11!
Who with, you may wonder?
My hot date includes 5 ADORABLE guys and two beautiful, single girls.

More details to come...
I have to keep you wanting more somehow ;)

Have You Ever Wondered Why Little Kids Have Lemonade Stands and Sell it So Cheap??

Because lemonade sucks!
I feel as though life has been throwing lemons at me everywhere I turn. Not tomatoes, but lemons; nasty, sour lemons. I suppose I should really learn to like lemonade considering I just keep getting lemons...but I refuse.
Someday, life will throw sweet Strawberries at me. ha ha. That was retarded, I know...

The next paragraph will consist of my whines so you may want to skip over it...

1. I have had a migraine for the past 3's driving me crazy! I can't even sleep...
2. I have yet to hear from Rose State (given, I shouldn't hear from them until March, but still!!)
3. My amazing sister-in-law (one of two), Stormy, has a cancerous tumor in her head. I wish more than anything that I could take her pain away. I offered to dye my hair and cut it off to make her a wig but that still seems so miniscule.
4. My blood pressure has been really high lately (I'm on blood pressure medicine so it should be extremely low...but of course not...that's too boring lol).
5. Our receptionist at work quit so I have been doing double the work and it seems as though I can't please anyone.

There are three things that are getting me through this week:

1. My precious Bible school class who I will get to see tomorrow! It is so amazing to see children so young in their faith.

2. Oklahoma City Hockey (they are unnamed as of now)!! I know, they will not arrive until October but I'm sooo excited. When they cut the Blazers I assume they expected Blazers fans to convert to Oilers fans but they should have known that wouldn't happen. That would be like an OU fan becoming a Texas fan...just not gonna happen! lol. So, they caved and gave Blazers fans a new team!

Note: this is a Dallas Stars game (they are NHL). We will be getting an AHL team.

3. Jamaica!!! The second week in August, I will be laying on the shores of Ocho Rios, can't come soon enough...

Now is the time I will share with you random knowledge I have acquired this week:
Scenario: You are from Oklahoma and you get in a wreck in Texas with somebody from Nebraska. The damages come out to be $60,000. You can file suit against them in:
1) Texas state courts (where the wreck occurred)
2) Nebraska state courts (where the defendant resides)
You cannot file suit in Oklahoma. Also, you cannot file suits in Federal courts because the amount of damages is under $75,000.

I bet you feel like you could pass the Bar Exam now!! ha ha

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Changing Minds

I've had a lot on my mind lately.
For time and personal reasons, I will not share all of these thoughts with you.

The one I would like to share is about second chances.
In a previous blog, I stated that I didn't believe in second chances; I would like to repeal that statement. As of right now, I do believe in second chances under one stipulation: the person asking for the second chance must show me they have changed.

My fingers are officially crossed...

I Just Betrayed Girls Everywhere...

I have a confession to make, an apology of sorts, to girls everywhere...
today, I taught the boy I baby-sit how to dump his girlfriend...

This time last year, his parents made me sit down and have a talk with him. They wanted me to convince him he was too young to date (he was 14 at the time), and that he should avoid girls at all costs. That talk didn't go over as well as they had hoped, and he got a girlfriend.

Today, he sat me down and asked advice on how to dump said girlfriend. I immediately felt two emotions:

At first it warmed my heart because he trusted me and wanted my advice.

Then, I was overtaken by a feeling of age. I have baby-sat these kids for years and they're all grown up now :(

However, I soon realized that he was implying I had been through MANY breakups and would therefore have a lot of do's and dont's. I then felt slightly offended. lol.
Nevertheless, I gave him tips on how to dump her.

I warned him that she would probably cry (seeing as they are so young and have been dating for over a year now), and that he should remain strong. He didn't really have a specific reason as to why he wanted to break up with her, so I told him he better make one up before he dumped her. lol. Lastly, I told him the most important thing was to not hug her, because if he did, he'd be a gonner--he'd be stuck with her forever. lol

I have to give the boy props for wanting to break up with her in person. Considering, my last boyfriend broke up with me via text, it's pretty chivalrous of a 15 year-old boy to be man enough to do it in person.

However, the poor boy already made a HUGE mistake. He should have done this last Friday instead of tomorrow. If he had done it on Friday he would have been rid of her by V-day and wouldn't have been considered a jerk because it wouldn't be the day before or the day of V-day. But because he waited until after V-day, he had to spend money on her for a stupid, overrated holiday.

I felt I needed to teach him the most valuable lesson he would ever learn, so I did.
Girls, this is where my apology comes in to play.

It's confession time...I am almost shamed to admit what is to follow....

prepare yourself...

I told him to dump girls before Christmas and to not get a new one until after V-day in order to avoid spending unnecessary money on women.

I just created the next player...

I apologize to women everywhere for my debauchery.

But I felt the need to pass on my wisdom in case I never have children of my own.
Somebody needs to know my player ways ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

This defines my life as of right now...

stuck between a rock and a hard place...I have no idea what to do...

P.S. If you want a good laugh, google "between a rock and a hard place." Some pretty raunchy images of a couple pop up. I found the hard place...see if you can find the rock, cause I sure couldn't. lol

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I Wanna Take Ya

I booked my birthday vacation today. I will be going to Montego Bay the second week in August...I can't wait!!! Laying on a beach, eating whatever I want...sounds like Heaven to me!

On a dimmer note, I'm torn on what to do.
Scenario: there is a possibility your best friends' girlfriend is cheating on him. Do you repeat what you've been told, knowing it could be false? Which could crush him and get you shanked by the girlfriend. Or do you keep your mouth shut hoping if it's true, the dang ho would have balls enough to admit her unfaithfulness?
I would want my best friend to tell me if my boyfriend was cheating on me, even if it was just speculation (that way I could watch his actions more closely looking for signs), but considering where he is in his life I fear this news would devastate him and make him lose hope.
Either way, it seems like a lose-lose situation...I have no idea what to do...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Get a Treasure Chest in the End??

I have come to the conclusion that life is a treasure map.

Think about it...we are going from clue to clue trying to make our way to the treasure. Every decision we make leads us to a destination which then gives us another clue as to what our next destination will be. At the end of the map, our treasure will be waiting. The treasures vary depending on the treasure may be a great job, whereas another could be a family.
My treasure is Heaven.

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:19-21

Every broken heart, every acceptance letter, every promotion, every love...they are all clues leading us to our treasure...

Don't be too oblivious to see the clues or too apprehensive to go to the next destination, because in the end it will all work out. If you follow the treasure map as the directions say, your treasure will be waiting...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Priorities are Whack

This blog is going to be directed towards our government and fellow Americans; I rarely share my opinions on the government because I really could care less. However, some things have been getting under my skin lately and I feel like I need to share them.

First of all, I'm all for supporting Haiti and the relief efforts down there, but what happened to helping out our own country? The year after Hurricane Katrina, I went down there on a mission trip. It was such a good experience and it was great to know I was helping out people in need. So I understand people wanting to help the Haitians but they also need to help the orphans, homeless, and sick people here in America. There are Americans trying to illegally smuggle Haitian orphans out of Haiti, while there are orphans in need of homes here. I mean, they even have a text message fund set up for the Haitians..."text this number to donate $10 to the Haiti fund." But I bet the people who set this fund up, don't even roll down their windows to give a homeless guy on the street $1 for a burger at McDonalds. President Obama is encouraging Americans to help the Haitians, but what about our fellow Americans in need? One might retaliate against my claims by bringing up the war and how we are still over there helping them. I would just like to say, I am not against the war...President Bush did what he felt necessary at the time and he left troops over there to help rebuild their economy. I respect that.

Secondly, why do they broadcast those dang "help the homeless/abused animals" commercials. I mean seriously?? You want me to donate money to a DOG?? Why do they stress spaying and neutering when they turn around and beg us for money to save the animals they encouraged us not to allow to be born in the first place? There are thousands of abused/neglected children in shelters all across the U.S. and you want me to donate money to a DOG instead of helping out a child in need. That is crap. Last time I checked the Bible told us to care for the orphans not orphan ANIMALS.

We, as Americans, need to get our priorities in line. This blog is not directed at anybody in particular, it's meant for mere motivation (for myself included). Why do we wait for a disaster to occur to help people? Shouldn't we reach out to help the less fortunate people every day? I am not trying to be self righteous by writing this blog; I too am in the wrong. However, I am trying to make a difference; I have donated money to the Haitian fund, I plan to be a foster mom soon, and I am going to start carrying McDonald's gift cards in my car to give to the homeless people.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

27 & Knocked Up

I went to the Dentist today to get a cavity filled. As you all know, I love going to the Dentist but today was even better than normal! I got hooked up the nitrous oxide (which I love, but rarely get), then the Dentist came in. He started trying to match my tooth color so he would know what color to choose for the filling. He said he was having difficulty picking a shade because my teeth were so white. He asked me if I whitened them and I proudly said no. He ended up choosing the shade A1...the whitest there is :). Then he said, and I quote, "you have really nice teeth--a lot of peoples' teeth are sharp like fangs but yours are curved and perfect." lol. Umm...thanks? I'm glad to know I'm not a vampire. Then the Dental Assistant came in and immediately told me my hair was beautiful, that she loved my tattoo, and thought my sweater was the cutest thing ever. I guess today was compliment day? I'm glad I went to the dentist today because I was having a HORRIBLE day.

Which brings me to my second topic of the day....second chances. Do I believe in them? As of right now, I'm leaning towards no. I used to date on a three strikes you're out theory, however I would often give guys more chances than that. After giving an uncountable number of chances to one guy in particular (who will remain un-named), I have given up on people changing. Within the past month, two exes of mine have come to me wanting second chances. To one of them I replied, "that ship already sailed," to which he retorted, "ships can sail more than once." I merely said..."Not the Titanic," and that was the end of the that conversation. lol. The second one, I just kinda left hanging...I'm thinking really hard about giving him a second chance...

Life is too short to waste time on stupid boys. Especially boys who have had multiple chances and continue to blow it. of right now, no, I do not believe in second chances.

Which brings me to my third topic of the day (the title of the blog). My dear friend Kelly brought this theory to my attention today and I loved it! I told her I was going to blog about it...hopefully she doesn't mind my name dropping. lol. Anyways, we were talking about second chances and how our mothers didn't properly prepare us for the non-fairytale reality of love. She said if she was still single by the time she was 27, she was going to find a hot guy and have sex with him in order to get pregnant. A little devious? Absolutely. But you have to give it to the girl for knowing what she wants. She said she wasn't going to tell him she had his baby so that she didn't have to deal with him and his parenting ideals. She would raise the (beautiful) baby on her own and make sure said baby knew that love was far from a fairytale. Man, I love Kelly and her brilliant ideas. For the sake of hot, unexpecting men everywhere, lets home she finds a good man in the next 6 years. lol. To avoid the devious aspect of this theory, I think I will just go to a sperm bank, then I can pick the man I want from a catalog ;).

Speaking of manipulative women, this brings me to my final topic of the day. We were talking about sexual harassment in class today and Dr. Elder was saying that often times it's the women who are harassing the men. I found this very humorous. First of all, kudos to the women for going after what they want. Secondly, what man in his right mind would turn a woman down when she offers him a promotion in return for sexual favors?? Seriously, there are men out there who are not only disturbed by this offer, but they also turn the woman in for sexual harassment! These men have got to be gay....
Disclosure: I do not agree with, or advice using sexual advances to further your carrier, I'm just making light of the situation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who's playing?

I am almost, slightly, not really ashamed to admit that I am not watching the Super Bowl. To be quite honest, I don't even know who is playing. Judging by peoples' facebook statuses, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that one of the teams is the Colts? I mean, I like football but I'd rather watch it in person and I could honestly care less about professional football. Give me a good hockey game to watch and my eyes are glued the whole time! lol.

What am I doing instead of watching the game you may wonder? I was doing homework, but I finally gave up on that and started watching Management with my mom. I love Jennifer Aniston movies. This may be due to the fact that I have seen every Friends least ten times. SERIOUSLY. lol.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why do we sterilize needles for lethal injections?

That's my question of the day. This may because I'm pro-death penalty, but does it really matter if we infect someone with a disease who is about to be killed anyways? Obviously if they were sentenced to the death penalty then they did a pretty serious crime in the first place. Why should we worry about the fate of a cereal killer or rapist when they will be dead within the hour? I know the death penalty is a touchy subject to a lot of people, but for me it's a clear cut answer. If you intentionally kill someone, you should be killed too. If it were up to me they'd suffer a lot more than instant death via lethal injection.

On a brighter note, I'm happy to be single this Valentine's Day! I get to buy what I want (instead of receiving the cliche red roses, stuffed animal, and box of chocolate, which I hate lol), I get to do what I want, and I don't have to worry about acting like I feel special on a day that has nothing to do with me as an individual and a holiday that I don't understand at all. I mean, shouldn't "we" (I'm using this term loosely since I don't have a significant other) celebrate our love for each other EVERY day not just twice a year (I'm counting anniversaries also). Why does February 14th hold any significance, unless of course, that is your anniversary?

Today, I received my enrollment confirmation from LSU A&M for my Business Law class. To most people, this would be no big deal; however, this is my SIXTH college I've attended since graduating in 2007. That's a lot of colleges! lol. This large number isn't even because I'm indecisive and don't know where I want to be, every college I have attended has been crucial to my future.

OC: where I started, as a PR major (however, half-heartedly I was going for my MRS). While there I went on a mission trip and realized I'm supposed to be a Dental Hygienist
UCO: I had to take Nutrition and Sociology as pre-reqs for Dental Hygiene. This is when I discovered my bubble that I had been living in at OC...people would drink from flasks during class. I mean seriously though??
OCC: I had to take a government class as a pre-req and online seemed the best option
USAO: I returned to my hometown so that I could finish up my Bachelors before heading off to Dental Hygiene school. So far USAO has proved to be much like the Tool Academy, although the guys don't seem to be any less of a tool upon graduation lol.
Rose State: I had to take Intro to Organic and Biochem for a pre-req. This is when I realized that I could do anything I set my mind to if I wanted it badly enough. I pulled an A in one of the hardest classes step closer to Dental Hygiene school :)
LSU A&M: where I am currently taking a Business Law class in order to finish my Bachelor's in Business over the summer

...and that brings my grand total to 6!
Three years ago, I would never have pictured this as my life. As far as I was concerned I was going to go to OC for 7 semesters (I would graduate a semester early), find my future husband, be an Editor on the Talon (this destiny was handed to me by the newspaper advisor my freshman year...later I realized I hated writing about the news and couldn't stand it when people made grammatical errors), then graduate with my Mass Comm/PR major. I guess that's what I get for assuming. I made those plans without considering what God had planned for me. However, he gave me a very polite awakening and set me back on the right path.

I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world. Even though my life isn't considered perfect by other people, I have everything I could ask for [well, minus a man but who really needs one of those ;)]. I am content with where I'm at in my life and I'm just waiting for God to give me my next turn-by-turn directions (too bad it's not really that easy lol).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To be rational or bounded rational...that is the question...

One again, my blog for today was inspired by one of my teachers. lol. He might possibly be one of my favorite teachers ever...the things he comes up Anyways, today we were talking about decision making skills (intuitive, rational, and bounded rational). After comparing the intuitive method to a woman's intuition, he began discussing the rational and bounded rational methods. He asked the class (presumably referring to the girls) what we imagined our husbands to be like when we were 9. After a brief hesitation, I responded "perfect." He laughed at this response and told me it was absolutely true. He said this "perfect" image was like the rational method because we had a checklist of requirements for the guy to possess. He then asked what happened when we got older and realized there wasn't a "perfect." I immediately responded, "we settled." lol. All the girls laughed (cause they knew it was true). I heard my ex boyfriend fake coughing in the background (cause he knew I was done settling for him). Dr. Elder quickly told us that he didn't like that word because it sounded negative. lol. Well, truth be told Dr. Elder, it is sucks that good girls have to settle for crappy guys because the good ones are either taken or gay. He told us that we didn't "settle" for less that perfect, that we went for the next best thing, which illustrated the bounded rational method. This guy seriously knows how to relate to me!

Of course he then went on to say that the girls who are still being rational (looking for perfect) are not married and single. Thank you captain Not only am I negative for using the word "settling," but now I'm also going to be an old maid?? Man...I don't think I like the real world. lol. Nevertheless, it made me think a lot. Should I, at the young age of 20, give up on being rational and ultimately "settle" for being bounded rational, or should I hold out and continue being rational? The stubborn part of me (which is every bone in my body) wants to remain rational. But is it worth it if I end up an old maid? lol

After class, I pushed those thoughts out of my mind and reminded myself that God will send me the right person when we're both ready for the relationship. I have faith that there is someone out there for me. I mean I don't ask for a lot; if I were to post a personal ad this is what it would read:
"Strong-minded young blonde seeking intelligent man to spend her life with. Applicants must be good Christians, cute, full of dreams, rich (ha ha jk jk, but that would be a bonus), family-oriented, and trustworthy. Non smoker. Non drug addict. Non STD carrier. Non cheater. Non loser. If interested, sweep her off her feet and don't drop her on her butt."

I mean come on, that seems pretty simple right?? lol. Until that guy comes along, I'm going to continue living the glorious life of the the single, young, intelligent blonde.

On another note, don't forget to tell your loved ones you love them. Life can be taken away at any, unexpected moment. Today (just like everyday), I am remembering my dear friend Bryson. Today would be his 22nd birthday. Even though the last words he said to me were mean, I know he loved me and he knows I loved him. RIP Bryson. Life is too short to not tell people how you feel.