Thursday, March 7, 2013

You Might Be Interested To Know...

You might be interested to know ...

That I have been contemplating whether or not to return to blogging. It started out as a small break at the beginning of the year to get things on my to-do list taken care of, but quickly turned into a very long break. While I love blogging, and the friendships made through blogging, I have to admit that it is a little overwhelming at times. I started enjoying the fact that I wasn't tied down to my blog.

You may also not know ...

That I still avidly read each of your blogs (and sometimes comment) because I truly miss each and every one of you! Some of you have sent me emails making sure I was still alive, and those emails did not go unnoticed—I appreciate the concern!

I'm ashamed to admit ...

That I got caught up in “trying” to make my blog popular and get more readers. Little did I know that by doing that, I was compromising the content of my blog and blogging became a chore.

There's also ...

The fact that I was dealing with a broken heart. While I love foster care, and don't foresee not doing it, it is very heartbreaking. The two kids that we had for almost two years (G & J) left us last month. It was a reality shock—everything that I knew, my routine, my heart...all went out the window. Also, I got some news about Baby C that was very disheartening. Needless to say, I've had a lot to deal with!

Work wise, if I could do anything other than what I do now ...

I would go into Marketing/Advertising. My MBA was focused towards Marketing and it's something that I would love to do some day.

You also may not know ...

That I finally got my License to Carry in the mail!

And finally ....

I'm working on bettering myself. Hopefully that will include consistent blogging but I'm not making any promises just yet.



  1. Just do what is best for you. Blog when it feels right and sounds fun to you but dont jump in just for the not so important reasons. I cant imagine how tough that would be to have two little ones with you for 2 years then have to go. Praying for you during your transition!

  2. i have missed your blog!! i agree though that i wonder what I did with my time before blogging and it can get very consuming! that would be so hard what you do with those kids and I can't imagine spending two years with them and saying goodbye. thinking of you . .

  3. It's so easy to get wrapped up in followers and things like that. Once you realize it's okay to post randomly and whatever you choose blogging because much more laid back and relaxing! :)

  4. It's so easy to get wrapped up in followers and things like that. Once you realize it's okay to post randomly and whatever you choose blogging because much more laid back and relaxing! :)

  5. dudette, I was just thinking about you the other day, missing you.
    Sorry about G and J. :( that breaks my heart, but you are such a good person and I know their lives are better because they were in you care for that amount of time.
    and don't let blogging be a chore. Do what you gotta do to have fun. Don't stress. We will always be here. :)

  6. I haven't blogged since December. Life gets busy, fun, devastating, interesting and blogging gets moved down the line of importance. Its totally okay! Come back when ready!

  7. glad you are back, at least for today! :) sometimes a blog break is exactly what the heart, soul, and mind need.

  8. I'm glad your back at least for a day! Sometimes you just need a break. It can be overwhelming. I don't have alot of followers and I find it overwhelimg sometimes. And also I appreciated the comment on my blog the other day! Thanks! Praying everything gets better!

  9. Welcome back, i've miss ya.

    And i agree, sometimes you just need a break. As awesome as it is to document life here, there is a point where sometimes it's JUST about lIVING life.

    Praying for you, i'm sure your heart hearts.

    and look at you badass mama, that's awesome. i need to buy a gun and then get my license to carry!


  10. Sorry to hear about your babies, but just know that you have impacted them forever ;) Yay for your license! You go girl!


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