Monday, August 25, 2014

30 Day Shred Results & Review

In preparation for my upcoming wedding, I decided to do the 30 Day Shred. 
I have heard lots about Jillian Michaels and this program, but have never done one of her workouts before...
Let me tell ya, it was rough!
Luckily, they did create the program to have examples of the advanced moves and modified moves.  I tried to always do the advanced moves, but used the modified moves when I just couldn't physically do it (like jump lunges--I'm definitely not coordinated enough for that). 
Overall, I really enjoyed felt that the workout was effective. 
Starting weight: 132.2
Thighs: 20 inches
Arms: 10.5 inches 
Bust: 32 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 31 inches
Before pictures on Left/After pictures on Right

Ending weight: 130.4 (-1.8 pounds)
Thighs: 20.5 inches (+ .5 inches)
Arms: 10.5 inches (no change)
Bust: 32 inches (no change)
Waist: 26 inches (-2 inches)
Hips: 39 inches (-2 inches)
Total weight loss: 1.8 pounds
Total inches lost: 3.5
I may not have amazing results like some people, and I definitely didn't lost "up to 20 pounds in 30 days" like the DVD case said; however, I can see a huge change in my muscle definition and, at the end of the day, your weight is just a number--it's how you feel about yourself that matters. 
I feel pretty dang proud of myself right now and I feel fit and ready for my wedding! 
(which, by the way, is on Friday!! eek)
I will definitely do the workout again--but probably not for a consecutive 30 days. 
I think it would be very effective to do each level once a week (3 days a week) and maybe cardio 2 days a week at the gym. 


  1. you look so good!! and i think the lost 20 pounds is for people that are way over weight! i love her other work outs too - although she gets pretty annoying so I often mute them!

  2. Dang...I thought you were rocking that bikini on the I know why! I need to borrow that DVD!

  3. You go girl! I think I need to try this after the baby gets here.


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