Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Future of This Blog

As you may or may not have noticed, I have not posted anything new to this blog in ages. Like a lot of bloggers do, I struggled to find my place in the blogging world while still being relevant to readers...over time, blogging became more of a chore than the creative outlet that I originally designed it to be. 

Despite my lack of posts, I have never stopped reading my favorite blogs--I have remained in contact with a few of you and occasionally post comments on your blogs. I just could not find the motivation to write..that is, until now. 

Over the next few days/weeks, you will notice some changes to this blog. I want this blog to become a true reflection of who I have become. I don't know how often I will post, or what my niche will be, but I want to write again...I NEED to write again. 

I can't wait to catch up with every single one of you and I promise I will start commenting & posting more often!

Now, please help a sista out and give me any and all tips you have on re-branding a blog?! 

Also, what site does everyone use to follow their favorite blogs now? I used to just use Blogger, but I know changes have been made that only allow me to follow a certain amount of blogs--there has to be a better option!

Until Next Time,
The Intelligent Blonde

(I couldn't resist using that tagline one more time, but it will be the last!)


  1. Hey, Alana! Long time, no see -- and it looks like so much has changed for you! When I received your comment on my last blog post via e-mail, I immediately saw the name and hoped it was you. So glad that you're back online and sharing life!

  2. yeah!!! So glad you are blogging again!!!

  3. Woohoo for coming back, that's exciting!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, just fyi you came in as a no reply commentor so I can't reply in email. :(!

  4. Girl, I know what you mean! If it wasn't for Mia, I feel like I wouldn't have anything to blog about most of the time. Either that or I would force myself to get more creative with writing, ha ha! Right now I suppose my niche is just documenting our life and the growth of Mia. It may not appeal to most readers out there, but oh well!
    I get high traffic from bloglovin' so I think that's how most people follow blogs these days!

    1. Good to know--thanks so much Courtney!

      BTW, I love watching Mia grow and can't wait to watch the new baby : )

  5. I still use bloglovin' as my blog reader! It is the best! And I always say, just blog when you are inspired and don't worry about trying to blog for someone. That was hard for me to just not blog for a week sometimes but quality over quantity right?!

  6. As I read your blog I couldn't help but hear my own voice! I've gone through the same thing lately, and I completely got a makeover! My blog used to be called Ocean Dreams but now is Simply Sierra. I used Smitten Blog Designs and am thrilled with how it turned out: I use Blog Lovin to keep track of all of my blogs and the other thing is I only comment on other blogs when I feel like it. I used to feel this incredible amount of pressure to comment and it got the best of me. Now I just blog for me and only comment when I feel like it! Obviously I like to return the love but it's important to find a balance, you know? Anyway I know you will do great finding your new blogging place and can't wait to see the changes!

  7. I'm so old fashioned that I just read blogs from clicking through my sidebar and emails, but I know most use bloglovin', twitter, fb, etc. Good luck with re-branding! I think that's exciting.


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