Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Love...Volume 1

I am in love with my job. Well...not EXACTLY...I mean, I don't love the hours but I love the job in itself. I mean, I get to sit on my butt at a swimming pool and get paid for it!

I am in love with a little boy named Stephen. A few years ago, this little boy stole my heart while I was working at Epworth and I never really got it back. Everyone warned me about how horrible he was, but I quickly discovered his problem; he had a bad family and just wanted some love and attention. From hugging and kissing him everyday to cleaning out a burn wound on his foot--I gave him LOTS of attention. Years later, why is this little boy still on my mind? He came in to the pool today and quickly remembered me :)

What are you in love with?

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