Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Happened to My Break??

I have been a horrible blogger and I apologize.
As I entered my second week of recovery from surgery, I started work at the YMCA. Did they slowly add me to the schedule? No. 30 work hours later...I'm relaxing in my chair.

This has been such a long week and I still don't have all my energy back so I have been thoroughly exhausted all week...

At least I can sleep all day tomorrow. I'll need it what with my 25 hour work week next week AND starting summer school. Why, oh why did I not take the summer off of school?? Agh!

Tomorrow, I will remember Jacy. Not just because she is now in Heaven, but because she died on Memorial Day. Years later, I still remember that horrid day like it was yesterday. Jacy was my brother's girlfiend. She was leaving our house on Memorial Day and was struck by a drunk driver, killing her and her father. The grieving process for her family and our family was long and hard. Jacy was only 17 at the time--it was so hard to see somebody that young die. I had only seen older people die before that day. She didn't even get a chance to live her life...therefore, I try to live my life to the fullest...for both of us.

Instead of mourning her death, I have chosen to be positive. One more year of celebrating the short life she lived. Here's to you Jacy!

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