Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've Come To Realize Link-Up

I've come to realize...

that the desire to further my education might never go away...

that it really annoys me when people eat my food/beverages at work...
there's nothing worse than walking to the fridge to get your lunch to realize that it's gone--it always makes me feel like Ross ("You ate my sandwich")

that I'll never be super tan...

that there is nothing better than saving money and paying off debt...

that when Coach sends me 25% off coupons, I can NEVER resist the temptation...

that I have strange shopping tendencies...
I usually won't spend more than $15 on any given article of clothing, but I'm willing to drop a pretty penny (or two) on shoes, jewelry, and purses. 

that Kanye will never get over himself and I will never have respect for him...

that I get sucked into DVR ridiculous shows...
16 & Pregnant
Teen Mom
Sister Wives
I'm Having Their Baby
Long Island Medium
19 Kids & Counting
Duck Dynasty
Secret Life--please tell me I'm not the only one who watched cried at the finale

What have you realized?



  1. hahah totally agree with you about kanye. lol ohhh coach, those were the days, before diaper bags....I can almost remember :)

    new follower!

  2. People eat your food at work, what the what?!!?

    I'm with you on shopping hahah

  3. I hear you on always wanting more education! And I have a problem dropping a ton of money on a good pair of shoes! Oh, don't get me started on Kanye!!! Haha! Stopping by from the linkup!

  4. I thought that about education, but this last year of my MA degree was brutal so therefore I am done with that!! hahah and I missed the Secret Life due to hockey and The Voice :(

  5. I literally laughed out loud when you made the comment about Ross and his sandwich! That was such a good reference and I can't believe that actually happens to you! I am not a very happy girl when I am hungry lol.
    Just starting following you via bloglovin!

  6. I agree with LeeAnn. Who really eats other peoples lunch at work. I don't get that at all!

  7. I have been in school forever because of my desire to further my education and pursue my passions. If it will make you happy, go for it!! Saving money and paying off debt feels amazing - I wish it happened more often for me :) I don't like to spend more than $20 on almost anything, but there are times I can justify home décor purchases, shoes and handbags ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. I LOVE saving and paying off debt! It's basically an addiction.

  9. I watch almost all of those shows!

  10. It's kind of a disappointment when you realize that you will never be super tan isn't it? I remember when I lived in FL I was out in the sun everyday, and I was really tan for me. Some guy asked if I was a tourist because I was so pale. I was like ugh I'll never look tanned.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  11. what is i'm having their baby? and I need to watch it :) I love reality tv!

  12. do people seriously eat your food at work? You would think that if they didn't bring it, they shouldn't be eating it! rude people!

  13. Ohhhh girrrrrl, I just stumbled across your blog and I think you may just be my new BFF... And to think that I was the ONLY one obsessed with Secret Life... I mean, come on, who can deny Ricky and Amy's life? Not I! And of course i'm a sucker for ALLLLLLL of those teen mom shows (recently into this super cool one called My Teen is Pregnant & So Am I on TLC... Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.) Bad car crash I just can't pull myself away from! Haha

  14. OMG I think you are my bloggie soulmate! I agree with all of the above.


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