Sunday, July 5, 2015

Before We Said "I Do"

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! Thanks to my long weekend, I was finally able to start going through wedding photos to share. Because my sister-in-law took SUCH amazing photos of our wedding, I have way too many to share in just one post, so today I am sharing our before-wedding photos!

I was originally fearful that my Vera Wang dress was a bit "much" for a beach wedding,
but I just couldn't imagine wearing anything else on my big day and it was absolutely perfect!

I saw something similar to this on pinterest and I had to recreate it--I sat in my hotel room for hours the night before the wedding, gluing the decorations to the vases provided by the hotel. Destination weddings are great, but not so fun for the bride with a vision. haha

My mom gave me a beautiful Tiffany's pearl bracelet right before the wedding
(I wore her pearl necklace for the wedding). 

Giving my niece (and flower girl) her starfish necklace.
Jacob and I wanted to exchange gifts before the wedding but I was adamant about not wanting him to see me until I walked down the aisle, so this was the solution!  

Cue the waterworks! He gave me a beautiful pair of pearl earrings, but the best part was that he gave me a heartfelt card telling me to relax and enjoy our day and that he was so grateful to be marrying me. I couldn't help but cry! haha
And I guess I did alright with my gift to him (a leather banded Fossil watch)...

Stay tuned for the rest of our wedding photos!


  1. OMG a beach wedding???! I can't wait to see this! I absolutely love your dress, definitely not too much for the beach, it's perfect!

    x. Morgan

  2. We got married on the beach although we eloped! LOVE beach weddings! Your dress is gorgeous!

  3. Your dress is perfect! And so is your hair. I can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  4. I always love seeing the before pictures! I love how you guys decided to do the gifts - such a perfect idea!


  5. Your dress was beautiful! You looked beautiful!! Love that picture of the two of you exchanging gifts!

  6. You look so gorgeous! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! THat dress is beautiful!

  7. Love these! You look beautiful!

  8. oh my gosh you were a GORGEOUS bride! I LOVE your dress! and perfect colors for a beach wedding!! post more haha I love these!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  9. Oh my gorrrrrrgeous! That dress is perfection! So glad you went with it! I can't WAIT to see more pictures!!

  10. What a beautiful wedding! And I'm super jealous of the cake. I had mine all planned out and talked with the baker like 5 times and then the night of the wedding they were 20 minutes late so I called to ask where they were and they'd gotten the date mixed up and hadn't made my cake. Haha such a bummer. Love the blog!

    Adventures in Everyday Life

  11. I LOVE your beach setting and colors. What precious moments to remember.

  12. Thanks for the tag! <3 Can we go back to the beach, now?


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