Monday, May 9, 2011

All New Low...

This will definitely be on my next Awkward & Awesome Thursday Post, but I couldn't resist sharing early.  
I hit an all new low...for even me--I dumped a guy who I'm not even dating through a TEXT MESSAGE!

Not only did I not have his phone number, I didn't even know his name!!  
I actually called people describing the guy and asking for his phone number so that I could cancel our date that I was too kind-hearted to decline in the first place.
Then I didn't want to deal with the awkwardness so I just sent him a text.
I'm not even positive he gets texts, because he never replied.
Let's be real though, what could he have possibly said to salvage the situation? lol.

For future reference, if you want to ensure that I'll say yes to a date,
ask me after church in front of lots of people--
just make sure I don't get your phone number before the date :)

I know, I'm a horrible person.
I'm sure karma will catch up with me...

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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