Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lana Lately

I admit, I have been neglecting my blog and I am ashamed...

It's no excuse, but I have been SUPER busy at work.
Our GM is no longer with us (I know that makes it sound like he's dead, so just to clarify, he is still alive), which means more work for me.  I clocked several hours of overtime this past week--I didn't even have time to breathe.  

It's really weird because the extra work I'm doing now is pretty much PR/Advertising stuff (what my original major was).  I forgot how much I enjoy doing advertising.  I've written commercials, designed ads, dealt with Co-Op funding, and helped plan our One Year Anniversary Celebration.  
So, even though I have been mega stressed this week, I still absolutely love my job.  Possibly, more than ever.

Oh, and my tumble down the stairs was the icing on the cake. lol.
Just to update you, my ankle looks horrible--the swelling and bruising have gone away, leaving what resembles to be a burn.  
Pretty sure I'm going to have a scar to constantly remind me of my lack of grace.  

BTW, if you haven't seen The Hangover 2, go watch it.  I laughed my butt off!

Until next time, 
The Not-So-Graceful, Intelligent Blonde

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