Sunday, July 24, 2011

Caution: This is a Hater Post...

Boys suck.
That's just all there is to it. 

It's pretty sad when I KNOW they're lying to me and they still can't admit to it.  
Do they really think I'm THAT dumb??
What they don't realize is that if they would just be up front with me, I'd let a lot of stuff slide.
But alas, they lie about it; good thing I always find out.  
I could be in the CIA with my skills! 

Want to know what my biggest pet peeve is?
Guys telling me they're broke.
That is the quickest turnoff for me...if you can't afford to even take me to dinner on my birthday (when I'm already buying the baseball game tickets), you don't deserve me. 

Interesting advice I have been given recently:

The other day, my boss told me to either marry rich or be super successful and make my own money so that I don't have to depend on a guy.  
I told him I choose the second one.  

My doctor told me that I'd have to move far away to even be able to find a guy intelligent enough to carry on a conversation with me.  
He then asked me if the reason my heart had been racing was because I had seen a good-looking guy. 
I told him, unfortunately that was not the case...

Until next time, 
The Boy-Hating, Intelligent Blonde

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