Thursday, November 15, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


*Ding* new email
New guy at work: "So, I was going to ask you in your office, but decided not to. I think we should go to lunch next week."
Me (after waiting about 30 minutes): "Well, I have a boyfriend in Arizona, so unless you want to go as friends, I'm out."
New guy at work: "Sounds like a plan!" (which is an awkward response to a rejection, anyways)
Me: no response
New guy at work: "Besides, I have a boyfriend in California."
Me: no response
New guy at work: "That last line was a joke."
Me: no response

Female coworker: "Have you decided you want me to set you up yet? I have another friend."
Me: "No. I have a boyfriend."
Female coworker: "Oh. Fine."
Me: no response
Female coworker: "Do you have any certified country single friends?"
Me: "No."

We've been noticing a decrease in our eggs lately, so I decided to watch one of the hens when we let her out of the chicken house. I watched her run across the lawn and crawl under the push mower. So, we moved the push mower to discover that the freaking hen has been hoarding eggs! Just so you know, this is about two weeks worth of eggs, plus a random brown egg (still not sure how that got there, because she most definitely didn't lay an egg that big). 

The model I used to make Zoe's Thunder tutu.
Let's hope that my niece looks nothing like this...

This isn't awkward, but it most definitely isn't awesome--have you guys seen the Black Friday ads this year? They suck! I'm so disappointed. Looks like I will just be buying DVDs this year...


Not only is Jacob coming to spend Thanksgiving with me, he's also coming for Christmas!

 Zoe will be here any day now! Technically, she isn't due until 12/12/12, but I'm ready for her anytime now. Seriously, Cass, anytime now! 

Making Christmas wish lists! I will never see 90% of it, but it's still fun to dream.

The awesome diaper wreath my mom and I made for Cassie's shower:

 The diaper cake we made:

The food table:
spa water, homemade cupcakes, pink M&Ms, homemade sugar cookies, pink chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate



  1. Haha the awkwardness is hilarious!

  2. haha great post -- love your blog, we should follow each other!? <3

  3. i didn't know you had hens! the shower looks great! and i like making christmas wish lists too!

  4. Wow the awkwardness...awkward but hilarious!

  5. Yay for babies! So excited that you'll get to see Jacob on Thanksgiving.

    and New Guy... needs to give up. Sorry if that was harsh.

  6. All of your Awkwards are awesome to read! Haha!

    And holy geez. The baby shower decor you did looks both fun and beautiful. Nice work to you and your mama!

  7. yippee for him coming back thanksgiving AND christmas!!

  8. I think the new guy at work is funny!

  9. that is an awesome diaper cake!!!

    p.s. new guy at work? creeper!!!

  10. That new guy at work sounds a little weird...

  11. Just stmbled across your blog.

    The email is hysterical. What a creeper!

  12. Haha I can't believe the hen is a hoarder!!!

  13. Oh my gosh... the conversations you have at work! SO hilarious!

    And if you're wondering, the answer is yes, I am stalking you.



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