Thursday, November 1, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Cleaning out my car for the first time in a year and filling an entire bag with trash.  
I promise, I'm not a nasty person--it was all paper...

Breaking a mirror. Here's to seven years of bad luck! FML

Why would you need a warranty on a burial vault?  How will we ever know if it leaks or not? 

Having to wear this lovely outfit to go outside and put coats on the mini horses because it was THAT cold. 


Getting everything ready for Zoe's baby shower.  
Pictures of the diaper cake and wreath to come!

Bonus checks. 
Need I say more?

Okay, this MIGHT should go on the awkward list, but I seriously love anything having to do with the Holocaust. Is it sad that I can't wait to watch these documentaries?

Getting THREE casual days at work this week (one of which, we got to wear sweats)!  

Losing 12 pounds and successfully avoiding Halloween candy aside from 3 pieces.
I mean, I deserve major kudos for that! Last year, I lived on Halloween candy for months!



  1. I cleaned out my work truck on Monday. An ENTIRE garbage back was filled. Granted, most of it was a big tarp that I have no idea where it came from. But ok, the other half was straight trash. I'm disgusted with myself.

    and 12 pounds! tell you secrets! :)

  2. Ok, I'm with you on the car cleaning! When I travel on business I pretty much live out of my car. I don't keep food or anything in there but business receipts, misc. directions and documents. It is always a hug mess when I get back.

    And, woohoo! for casual work days and weight loss! Way to go!

  3. 1) I'm super interested in the Holocaust and WWII. My Pepaw was in it and he has some of the most amazing relics from that time.
    2) 12 pounds, meep!
    3) I seriously LOLd at work thinking about mini-horses in jackets. I hope they were peacoats.

  4. i need to clean my car!! and good job with the candy!!

  5. Umm I think I had like, 8 pieces of candy JUST today... I hate Halloween.

    Congrats on doing so well with the weight loss and having so much willpower! Taht's awesome!

  6. I can't believe you put coats on the horses! They must be so happy - I never thought really thought about animals in the cold weather but I bet it's awful for them! What lucky horses to have you care for them!

  7. GIrl I loveee learning about the Holocaust. I took a whole class on it in college and was practically obsessed. It's just so interesting to me! And so proud of you for turning down the halloween candy - that takes serious willpower!!

  8. congrats on the weight lost! and i must know what the temperature is when you said it was 'that' cold. because girl...have you experienced a Wisconsin winter? brutal. :)

  9. Why have I not been following you?! Your blog is adorable and hilarious! Thanks for your comment on my newest blog post <3

  10. Have you ever seen the movie "Life Is Beautiful"? It is the BEST Holocaust movie. Ever.


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