Friday, May 21, 2010

"My Murse Gave Me Norphine"

I'm finally starting to feel better from my surgery. I'm still extremely sore though and being active for more than a few hours at a time kills me. I just have to keep those tabs comin every few hours. lol.

Some highlights of my surgery you may get a kick out of:

1. General Anesthesia BURNS...I remember flailing my arms and legs and screaming through an oxygen mask while they were holding me down in order to put me to sleep. lol

2. When coming out of General Anesthesia, you feel very queasy. And upon telling a nurse you feel nauseous, you very likely will throw up on her. Twice.

3. Upon hearing "Procedure Unsuccessful" from one of the surgeons, as you are waking up, you will sit up and say "surgery WHAT??" and then proceed to go hysterical.

4. You do not like to be touched after surgery. Right as I was getting doped up on morphine, a nurse was ripping tape off my arm and messing with my IV, so I ripped my hand away from her and yelled "don't touch me." lol

5. Murses (male nurses, as I explained to Andrew while doped up) are sent to handle you if nurses can't. Upon which time they will give you morphine and proceed to trip on all your cords, making you scream in pain. He told my mom and brother that they sent him to deal with me because he had a military background. I think the nurses were just too chicken to deal with me. lol

6. You will be ready to get up after 8 1/2 hours of surgery and 6 hours of bed rest. That is way too long to lay still. When you are allowed to get up at 11:20 and your nurse is MIA until 11:45 you will, once again, go hysterical.

7. The little pink pain pills they give you do NOTHING for you. You better tell them to pull out the tabs or, even better, morphine!

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  1. Haha, thanks this gave me a laugh! I fought the doctors when I was coming out of anesthesia from one of my surgereies that the doctors even sent for my parents to help hold me down. I also later vomitted on nurses. So no worries, they should just expect that kind of stuff. :) Hope the healing is quick, and painless as possible. You in my thoughts and prayers!


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