Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


J started the whole sagging pants trend a little early...

Typos on invitations.
I wonder how long before they had that "oh crap" moment...

Baby C coming home from a visit with pierced ears. WTF?


I finally got a big-girl license!  And I'm surprisingly pleased with the picture!

My snack drawer at work. Oh how I love you...

French braid! 

Baby C got her first tooth yesterday! So glad I got to see that first!



  1. I also do Awk and Awesome thursday. I always have enough to say, at least for the awkward part. The pants thing is so true. I just started following you. You are hilarious!

  2. Can't wait till I get my "big girl" license. In Wisconsin they give us vertical ones until we turn only a few more months to go. And I love your braid!

  3. that is a good license picture!! and LOVE the braid!

  4. That is a good picture on your license! It's pretty much the best feeling ever when you get a good one, and especially since you will probably have that same picture for the next 10 years at least!

  5. Spelling errors on flyers and invitations are always awkward! Totally agree! :)

  6. That is one of the best French braids I have ever seen. I wish I could get mine to look that nice!
    Yay and boo for teeth! Mine's working on her fourth one and is not liking it one bit.

  7. I suck at french braiding my own hair. It's pathetic, really.
    and the pants sagging! Arrrgghhh!! Have you seen that rap video starring the 6-year-old? Ridiculous, I tell you!
    And your DL picture is soo good! Mine always look like crap!

  8. I often worry that those who make mistakes with "your" NEVER realize the error...

    and then I panic a little.

  9. hahahha oh man those invites. how awful. could you imagine?! love the new license pic! i never learned to french braid & i alwaysss wanted to! come teach meee!!

    xo Kelly

  10. What's sad is people may not realize the your vs you're mistake...

  11. I really need to learn to french braid. I don't know how I made it out of high school without learning! & I NEED your snack drawer at work. I literally have peanut butter in mine and that's it!

  12. Baha love the saggy pants! It's cute when you are that little! Not when you do it on purpose!!!

  13. how can you NOT be stoked with a good drivers license pictures?!?! They don't happen often, but that one my friend is a gorg one!!

  14. ahha. love that first one of J! too funny (and awkward). but really funny. and yay for first teeth!

  15. Yay for snack drawers -- and for actually having a cute license photo (can't say the same for myself). And typos on invitations are definitely awkward. You'd think they'd get edited first! xo


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