Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Best (fictional) Birthday Party Ever

Guess what?! Today is my birthday!! 
Because I'm off in Arizona enjoying my long weekend (doesn't everyone spend an entire weekend celebrating their birthday?), my dear friend Mallory is going to give you a picture of what our joint birthday party would look like.

Hey there Life & Times readers!
My name's Mallory

Margarita as big as my head! Don't worry, I finished it;) 

and I blog over at Pink Kisses & Wishes


You may know me from the Two Truths & a Lie Link-up Alana and I run on the first Tuesday of the month!
But today I'm here to talk Birthdays.
I'll be 22 on August 1st (or 21+1) and sweet Alana turns 23 TODAY (or 21+2)!
Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!!

Everyone says that after 21, there aren't any birthdays to look forward too. Now you have to start looking forward to life events, like marriage and babies.

Because who's excited to turn 30?!

So that's why we're 21+1 and 21+2.
Because we've still got a lot of living left to do before then:)
But here's what our joint birthday party would look like...
Beach time...

Drinking with moustache straws....

Lots of wine and cheese.....

A little shopping....

Some birthday cake wishes...

And a few more fun drinks to wrap up the night...

I wish you guys could have attended ;)
So cheers to Alana!
May your birthday be as fabulous as you!

She sure does have a knack for planning AMAZING birthday parties, doesn't she?! 
Thank you Mallory, for your amazing guest post!

I hope you all enjoy my your birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to both of you lovely ladies!!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a great time in AZ!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Sounds fun! I'll be 21+2 in a few days too :D

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Sounds fun! I'll be 21+2 in a few days too :D

  5. Happy Birthday! Super cute blog by the way :)

  6. Aww I love Mall! Such a cutie pie!


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