Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two Truths & a Lie Reveal

Hey y'all!  As promised, here is the Two Truths and a Lie Reveal.  Nobody guessed the lie!

1.  I went to Clown Camp. TRUE.
When I was little, I went to a camp called Camp FunnyBone.  At this camp, they taught your magic tricks, intro ventriloquism, juggling, and the art of clowning. Unfortunately, this was back in the day when everyone used disposable cameras, so there is absolutely no telling where the photo proof might be...
2.  I was once burned with cinnamon extract flavoring. TRUE.
If you're not familiar with cinnamon extract flavoring, it's a bottle of liquid that people use when cooking (my mom used it to make hard candy every Christmas).  The liquid is very potent and will burn your nose if you inhale a lot (sniffers beware).  Anyways, back to the story...when I was little (we're talking toddler age), my mom put a bottle of the flavoring in the buggy with me and the next thing she knew I had it open and was screaming bloody murder.  What she hadn't realized is that there was no seal on the bottle and I was able to easily get it open.  She immediately started trying to wipe the liquid off of me and even went so far as to put my hands in her mouth to get it off.  Needless to say, she was livid that the bottle wasn't sealed properly (and I believe she even called the company and complained).  Fast forward a few years...I notice a round burn mark on my foot and we couldn't figure out where it had come from; finally, we realized that the burn mark was from the cinnamon.  The burn was in the shape of a circle because it had leaked through a buckle hole on my shoe.  Not many people can say they were burned by a cooking ingredient! haha

3.  I have been interviewed on television. FALSE.
While I have been on television (in the Today Show audience), the radio (a PR interview for work), and jumbotrons (playing a game where I fell on my a$$ in front of thousands of people), I have never been "interviewed" on television. No 15 minutes of fame for me yet--it's okay, I'd hate to be one of "those" people that gets interviewed after a natural disaster or crime. I swear, they pick the most ghetto people!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Hope you'll link-up again next month! 



  1. Cinnamon burn, eh? ouch! Maybe I should be carrying that around instead of pepper spray. ha!

  2. Um wow...burned by cinnamon. You should be like every other American and sue! Haha.

  3. I just came across your blog and I love how sassy you are! This particular post was especially hilarious.

    <3 Stephanie

  4. Ouch! I didn't know that cinnamon could burn you like that :(

  5. I didn't know cinnamon could burn you!!

  6. Pahahaha, they always do pick the most awkward people. And I ALMOST guessed number three, but then I thought you would have been. And #1 was just too good not to be true.

  7. sad there are no pics from your clown camp. : )


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