Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog

I don't typically do vlogs because I'm not very technologically inclined, and it takes me FOREVER to upload videos (plus I sound like a hick on camera).  But, this was a fun topic that I just couldn't resist.

 I know y'all are dying to find out what three things I can't survive a day without, so without further adieu, I give you my Vlog...

This was my first time linking up for The Girl Behind the Blog and it's definitely something I'll be doing again!


What three things can you not live without?



  1. i was excited when I saw you made one! you are so cute! and I'm with on the phone and mascara!

  2. You are too cute! I think you did a great job....vlogs are so awkward, aren't they? So glad I found your space and got to "meet" you! Happy Halloween!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  3. Ok I LOVE your blog! What a great blog name =) I also LOVE your hair, it looks super healthy and beautiful!! =)
    I've never really been a dr pepper fan....hmmm maybe I should try that =)
    So nice to meet you!
    Much Love,


  4. So first off, I'm jealous of your hair! It looks awesome. I'm also glad I'm not the only one obsessed with my phone!

  5. Love it! So simple. :)

  6. Bahhhh! I LOVE when people do vlogs! I'm now gonna read all your posts in your voice! I'm getting a new laptop tomorrow, so I'll fiiiiinally have a webcam :) I can't wait to do a vlog!!

  7. Oh, your description of why you wear mascara was pretty funny. As a brunette--I've never quite understood why mascara is so important to many girls and I bet it is because of the hair color thing. Oh well, brunettes have their own beauty problems...like not being able to go without shaving our legs! :P

  8. Lovely vlog!! :)


  9. loved watching your vlog! Very practical stuff. Makeup, connection, and soda. I use all three of those things daily too (as I'm sure we all do!)

  10. yay! I love your three things, I am totally addicted to my iphone so that was a must have. I get the same reaction when I don't wear mascara. Totally not nice to say, "are you tired?" when I don't wear it!!

  11. You are so adorable! I cant believe people ask if you dont feel well! rude haha. Glad you linked up girl!

  12. I'm all about Dr Pepper- I applaud you for being able to switch to diet... maybe one day I can! I read on your sidebar that you're a foster mom- that's so cool! I'm going to check out your other posts :)

  13. new follower from the girl behind the blog series! i totally can't go a day without mascara either because mine are soo thin and if i don't wear it i look silly. it's a must. it's my daily wear for makeup and eyeliner/eyeshadow is only special occasion these days.

  14. Found you through the vlog linkup and thought I'd say hi!

    So glad you decided to do a vlog! This is my third time linking up. It's a bit scary and awkward at first but after a while it gets fun! Hope to see you on the next one too!

    ♥ Duckie.

  15. yaaaay I finally get to hear your voice! three cheers for both of us being mascara girls (and cell phone girls). You did great :) xoxo

    ps. i am also obsessed with diet dr pepper...soo good

  16. A) You do not sound like a hick at all.
    B) I can totally agree with the mascara and phone (no soda..boo)
    C) I am so happy to hear your voice!!


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