Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I had every intention of writing something clever this week, but that was before my life turned into a series of unfortunate events.

It all started last Wednesday when I got a weather alert that there were tornadoes forming near my mom's house. I immediately text her to tell her to watch the weather and stay close to her safe room--of course she had no idea. She looks out the window to see this (as well as a news helicopter over her house):

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon worried about her and watching the weather to make sure it wasn't headed toward our house. Despite listening to the tornado sirens go off all night, we didn't get tornadoes near our house, just torrential rainfall and this pretty rainbow: 

On Thursday night, we were supposed to go to our first meeting with the design center to discuss our plans for the house we are building (did I forget to mention that we are building a house?), but when we were five minutes from the office, they called to say that they were going to cancel our meeting because of the chance of flash flooding that evening. Are you kidding me?! We have waited 5 weeks for this meeting and it gets cancelled the day of? To say I was angry is an understatement. When they looked at the schedule to see when they could "squeeze" us in, the first appointment was on May 26th. Seriously?! Three weeks away? After crying tears of anger the entire drive back home, they called my husband to tell him they decided to have a big group the following Thursday and we could come in then. I'm sure after calling the 3 other couples who were scheduled the same night as us, they realized how angry canceling appointments and trying to reschedule for a month later made people and decided they better make it right. 

On Sunday, we went to my mom's house for Mother's Day and went to install the glass/screen door we bought her only to realize that box didn't have all the parts we needed--we couldn't attach the door knob to the door! Really though?! Of course, nowhere in town had the part we needed so we had to literally barricade the door so the wind wouldn't blow it open (classy, I know). Luckily, my brother was able to find the part and will be able to fix the door soon.

Yesterday, my brain apparently missed the memo that it wasn't a Monday because I literally could not function. It was one of those days where nothing you do/say is right. I found myself asking questions I knew the answers to and overlooking the most obvious of things. Needless to say, I wish I hadn't gotten out of bed. 

This morning, I get an email from Capital One that there might have been fraudulent activity on my credit card. Why no, Capital One, I did not make 7 charges ranging between $1 and $12 at "Regis Hairstylists/Salons, Classified: Professional Services, and/or the Casablanca Hotel." I quickly called Capital One and told them they were in fact fraudulent so now my credit card is shut off. Thank goodness Capital One is on top of things and caught the issue before the identity thief got crunk on Amazon! 

Finally, I come home to discover that my crockpot barbeque pork tenderloin looked like this: 

Pinterest fail. 

If you need me, I'll be hiding under the covers of my bed...

P.S. Please send good vibes to us for our design meeting tomorrow--apparently, we need all the good luck we can get this week! 


  1. So glad you guys were safe!! Soo scary!! Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear more about the new house!! Such an exciting time!!

  2. Oh dear girl! Fingers crossed your days get a whole lot better!

  3. oh girl I'm sorry for all of this! So glad your mama was safe from that tornado, I would be freaking out! While I've never seen a tornado (and neither has my husband) tornados are my husbands biggest fear! haha kinda funny cause we've never seen one before. how long did you cook the tenderloin for? sometimes I totally alomost mix up cooking stuff on high for 8 hours or low. I hope your week and design meeting ROCK!! you deserve it!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. I hope all went well on Thursday! Goodness gracious, girl. That was one heck of a day! Sending good vibes, because even though it's days later, you can always bank it for another not-so-great day. :)

  5. Oh girl, rough week! Hope your weekend has been good and has maybe made up for it!

  6. When it rains, it pours!! Rough week! But so glad your mom is safe and your meeting was rescheduled :) Can't wait to hear more about your building process!

  7. I didn't realize that yall went with Capita One. We like them too.

  8. oh the crock pot!! that just has to put you over the edge after all that! Sorry it was such a rough week!


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