Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lessons I've Learned Thus Far in 2010

1.  Never believe the weather forecast (I already knew that but I thought I'd throw it in lol)
2.  Never believe doctor's when they say "this surgery has a 99% success will prove to be the unlucky 1% lol
3.  Never think you can change a guy--if you don't like who he is now, you never will
4.  Motorcyles are fun :)
5.  Loritabs are your friend... but morphine is your very best friend :) *no, I'm not an addict lol.  But I was in a LOT of pain after surgery and very very angry. ha ha
6.  Sometimes you don't get what you want/had planned because God has a different/better plan in store for you.
7.  Every guy says things they don't really mean (I also already knew this, but was reminded of it this year lol)
8.  I HATE working outside. For real.  Give me my air conditioning...I'm a weanie!
9.  I want to move to New York.  Too bad I can't find anyone to move with me....
10.  People get on my nerves.  I used to think I was a people person but I'm not anymore...I like to be left alone. lol. 

Until next time,
The Intelligent Blonde

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