Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

My birthday turned out to be a blast!

My mom woke me up at like 7:00 to a brand new Coach purse and money! GREAT presents :)
We then went to McDonalds for breakfast.  After that we went to work in the Food & Clothing Room (I know, not what you'd think of as fun on your birthday but I love to help out down there) until noon.  She took me out to Eduardo's for lunch, then we took my puppies to see my grandma--she loved them, it was soooo cute. lol.  I then took a quick nap before getting ready for my birthday dinner.  

Several of my good friends from the Chickasha area met me at A&E where we did my birthday up right. lol.  I ADORE them :).  
I have yet to have my Stillwater party with Kelly, but it'll come soon. lol.  
I had a blast with my friends--we laughed the night away, well at least they laughed at me all night. lol

Today, I went up to see Naner and Cassie for my late-birthday.  They took me to the Wedge (which is a really good pizza place) then we went to see Dinner For Schmucks (which was super funny).  

Tuesday, I'll celebrate my birthday with Stormy and my nieces and nephew (the Da's)--we're going to Frontier City!!  It'll be hot, but I always have a blast with them.

I just love my family; they're truly amazing and SOOO much fun. lol

6 days until JAMAICA!! I can't wait!
I bought my beach book the other day--"Sweet Little Lies" by Lauren Conrad.  I just love her.  
So, this time next week, I'll be laying on the beach reading my new book! So relaxing :)

Btw, my new car fever is now even worse--Cassie just bought a nearly-new car and I LOVE it. lol.  I'm kinda green with envy...
Speaking of, my poll is now tied, so some more people need to vote and even it out! lol

One more day of summer school then one final and I'm DONE! 
One more semester closer to graduating! FINALLY! ha ha

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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