Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday, Edition 22

The little college boy who ran up and shook my hand and asked my name.
He then tried to impress me by doing chin ups.
Did he really think I'd be interested in him...?
I really thought about flirting with him just to make his day, but decided against it--mainly because I was too dumbfounded to do anything.

The new guy at work who came back plastered after lunch.
He couldn't even make it a day with us before we drove him to drink. ha ha

The conversation I overheard at the Dentist office:
"Next time you schedule my appointment, make sure it's not on a Wednesday. 
That's my prayer day and favorite day of the week."
So...I guess she only prays on Wednesdays...?
Hope nobody has a prayer request on Thursday--they'd have to wait a week before they get prayed for!

Coming home from work and picking up JJ to discover that his diaper was leaking.
Yep, definitely got poop all over myself...


My birthday present for Chantz...more on that after Sunday :)

I have an A so far in my first MBA class!
Just have to keep telling myself that I can do anything for a year.

Eli Young Band concert for 2 dollars!
The bad part is that because admission is only 2 dollars, every white-trash, toothless Oklahoman will be there with all 7 of their kids...
Gotta love the State Fair!

My Dentist telling me I have the prettiest lips she's ever seen and that's saying a lot since she sees a lot of them! ha ha.
Never heard that compliment before!
Guess there's a first time for everything...

Until next time,
The Intelligent Blonde

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