Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walk of Shame...

...out of Braum's, that is.  
How is it that a place that has such good food and ice cream be so nasty?

We talk about Braum's a lot in my Marketing class, and it has come to our realization that the only clean Braum's is a newly built Braum's.

That's pathetic, but so true.

The other day, Chantz and I were going to get ice cream and he seriously wanted me to walk into Braum's to get it. 
I refused--I made him go through the drive-thru.

While their food tastes AMAZING and their ice cream is the BOMB, 
I feel ashamed to be in that nasty place and I don't really want to be reminded of how unclean it is (or the classiness of the workers), so I would rather wait 15 minutes in the drive-thru.

Too harsh, or the truth?
You be the judge. 

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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