Monday, February 13, 2012

About the Intelligent Blonde

Hi y'all!

I'm Alana (more formally known as the Intelligent Blonde).

I decided to link up and share a few things about myself:
I am an education snob and am currently working on my MBA in Marketing.
I am a foster-mom.
I go through guys like I do mascara (okay, that's not completely fact, I rarely date).
My blog is a reflection of my life, which means it's very random.
I have LOTS of awkward moments.
My biggest annoyance is ignorant people.
I workout as much as I possibly can in order to justify eating large quantities of junk food. 
I LOVE to travel.

oh, and I hate Singles Awareness Day Valentine's Day.

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. lol Singles Awareness it! Funny lady :)

  2. I'm MARRIED and I don't even like Valentines Day..never have. So don't sweat it. :)

  3. hahahaha, guys like I go through mascara... for me that's not very much, but from what I know about your mascara habits, that's a lot!

    I'm not a fan of V-Day either... but you already knew that.

  4. Hahaha, my post tomorrow talks about how I always wear black on Valentine's Day! I am always single, every year, no matter what!!

  5. you're funny. i especially like the part about working out to eat food. i think along the same lines!

  6. Um, you're adorable! So happy I found your blog!
    And what an amazing experience it would be to be a foster mom!

  7. Besides that whole "hating Valentines" thing, I think we can be friends;) Xoxo Happy Tuesday! ;)

  8. Your blog is precious!! So glad you found me so I could find YOU! And amen on the hating single's awareness day. It's really a slap in the face considering every building on campus has tables set up to buy flowers... not cool.


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