Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


This dating profile picture.  
Really though...?
Get on it girls, before it's too late!! hahahahaha
Mind you, he isn't bad looking.  I'm just disturbed by the right side of the picture...

When I got sick last week, mom handed me a bottle of nose spray and said 
"DON'T get addicted to this. Use it with caution."
Yep mom, you guessed it.  I was planning to get addicted to nose's right up there on my list with sniffing Sharpies

Realizing halfway through the day that your underwear are inside out.  
Guess there's a first time for everything...

 I saw this car tag and snapped a picture real quick (while I was sitting at a stop light).

Now let me show you what a NORMAL Oklahoma car tag looks like...

That guy scratched off the Indian part of his tag!
I mean, I'm a white girl to the core but Oklahoma is KNOWN for Indians--why deny the heritage of the place you live?  That would be like living in Mexico and denying Mexicans... 


The new room divider I bought (for my apartment someday).
I'm seriously, in love with it!!
If I can't live in New York City, this is the next best thing!

Being halfway done with my MBA (with a 4.0, might I add)!  Woot woot!  Only 5 more months...

My weekend getaway. More on that later : )

 My crepe making skills.
I'm gettin so legit, y'all!!
Strawberry & Kiwi Crepe

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. I can't believe he covered his license like that. So dumb. And your crepe looks amazing lady! Yum :)

  2. My mother also told me not to get addicted to nasal spray! I was like, "Seriously mom? Life isn't that bad." I'm headed to NYC this spring for a day trip (only 3 hours away from me) ...I love that city and that divider!

  3. Hahaha, inside out underwear. That hasn't happened to me... yet!
    That crepe looks delicious!
    Congrats on the 4.0!

  4. I love the room divider, I had my first crepe last week (yum!), and you are truly an MBA all-star!


  5. I put my panties on inside out ALL THE FREAKING TIME, I never know if I should switch them or not. And holy crap that liscense plate is kind of hilarious.

  6. I love that you purchased that room divider for the apartment that you don't have! I frequently buy things and store them away for my "future apartment/house". This Christmas I bought some holiday place settings from Target! Hahaha

  7. I love that room divider!! and I have an obsession with crepes. I need to try to make some.

  8. Um holler 4.0!!!!! Woot woot!!

  9. Why don't you want to be the face-in-hole girl in the photo?! He seems like a real winner ;)
    JK, but I reeeeeally love your new room divider! So adorable!

  10. I love the new room divider...

    Also, I've worn panties inside out and semi gotten addicted to nose spray.
    Not in like a im gonna sniff this to try to get a buzz, but this works wonders kind of way. :)

    Happy almost weekend!

  11. sad to admit but i have noticed my underwear was inside out more than once...

    congrats on the 4.0! smarty pants :)

  12. p.s. wouldn't that be illegal to do that to your license plate?

  13. OMG i just had to laugh at the nose spray one. My mom is TOTALLY addicted to them. I told her she should have a life time supply stashed away in case something catastrophic happens and she runs out. Those moms...they are crazy. lol


    p.s. you should check out my blog all about color I think you would really enjoy it!

  14. The crepe looks good!! And yay on almost being done with your MBA!!

  15. you are the cutest girl ever. i love your blog.

    is your hair real??

    and you got mad crepe making skills ;)
    so cute!

  16. That license plate is too much! And I love the NYC divider. I so want to move there, STAT!

  17. Hello! I love your fun blog! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  18. lol.. your blog made me laugh.. first of all the oklahoma, indian thing..i AM native american! second,because i AM addicted to nasal spray. and i never planned on it.. (but have you ever seen the King Of Queens episode where arthur is addicted to it! it is SOO me!) third, because I love your version of living in new york.. this was great!
    NEW FOLLOW for you! yay!

  19. What a sweet blog! I'm so glad I found it! I'm excited to read about your crèpe-making skills and how you do it, because mine always are tragic! I hope you have a great Monday!

  20. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! Laughed so hard...

    buuuuut, I love the room divider and crepes! WOO!!

    BUT it's still hilarious that you wore your panties inside out.... BAHAHAHA!


  21. So. That is super crappy of that dude to scrape off the indian.. BOO on him.
    Also- so freakin cool you're getting good at making crepes!!! I have never tried it, it looks so hard :(

    AND. Underwear inside out- happens to the best of us dear.

  22. oh my gosh, I love this! The nose spray, the dating profile pic, and the scratched off indian made me laugh so hard. and I have totally worn my unders inside out ALL day without noticing. you are gorgeous by the way, love your header pics!


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