Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


When people ask the unavoidable question, "are y'all together?" mean, we haven't really discussed it...thanks for calling us out.

The strange people you see in airports/airplanes...

Opening facebook to see (at the TOP of your newsfeed) that your first love is engaged. 
(I realize that is a completely made up word--but it is the best descriptor for my thoughts upon seeing the news)

Finding Waldo during the jousting event at the Medieval Festival


Rolling over 50,000 miles on my Jeep on Leap Day!
That's gotta be good luck, right?
Okay, let's be real...Leap Day in and of itself is awesome!
Since the possibility of me being a Leap-Day baby is out of the question (seeing as I've already been born), I have decided if I ever get married I should get married on Leap Day--I mean, how cool would that be? 

Making a better-than-perfect grade in Finance 

When your boss comes in and says "It's a nice day outside; y'all should be outside enjoying it.  Y'all can leave at 3."  SWEET!!

My power tools skills...
Doesn't everyone use nail guns in their pajamas?
which allowed me to make this awesome chair rail:
Ignore the baby doll bed...
Who needs a man? Just give me some power tools (preferably pink) and I'll get 'er done! 

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. I just found out that my "first love" and the girl he just bought a house with, broke up! HA! Talk about awkward...for them.

    And there's nothing wrong with using power tools in their pajamas, nothing at all.

  2. Can't stop laughing at her dreads, the awkward questions and your ex.

  3. Awesome grade! I can't stop staring at that woman's hair... so odd!

  4. Nice job on the grade.
    holy moly. REmind me never to do dreadlocks!

  5. I love your awkward and awesome thursday posts! Seriously....every week! It's definitely awkward when people call you out on not being official.....or even more so when your bf's parents refer to you as a "special friend." omg.

    Pink power tools are the best! I have a set :) And felt so proud when I had to use them to put together my table. (you can get them at lowes)

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA.... Cannot stop laughing at the pic of you "working" in your ROBE!!! bahahahaha.

    And um... since when do old ladies have dreads??
    ... but it still doesn't beat the WEIRDOS you see on Italian airlines... eek!

    And "CON-FREAKING-GRATULATIONS" on your 101% ;)

  7. I love that you found Waldo! Looks like you also found the lovely people of the Walmart airport ;)

    Working in your robe - perfect! It looks like you just got out of the shower and you were like I want this done NOW haha

  8. These are great!

    My best friend - who is a guy - and I were out at a local bar before Christmas where we kind of know some of the regulars. I, of course, am wearing my engagement ring and the one guy who semi-knows us up comes up and congratulates us on getting engaged and how great of a couple we make... Um, awkward!

  9. You go with your bad self! over 100% AND you know how to work a power tool? If I were a guy I'd ask you to marry me right now!

    But boo on engagements of old boyfriends:( I'm waiting for mine to get engaged after we graduate. It's really fun, let me tell ya;)

    Happy Thursday, Love!

  10. OMG that hair! Hilarious and very awkward! My first love just got engaged a few months ago. It makes me feel weird. Darn Facebook! I don't need to know these things. I think it would be cool to get married on Leap Day, but does that mean you would only have an anniversary every 4 years? Look at you with those power tool skills! I'm jealous! I always say I need a man around the house so he can take out the trash and do the crazy stuff that I don't want to do. Believe me, nobody wants to see me with power tools! Haha!

  11. I love the made up word. So perfect.. I may use it in the near future.
    ALSO, that hair is blowing my mind...
    AND congratulations on your finance grade.. holy smokes girly! You are smart!

  12. love the nail gun in the robe! that's how ya do it :)

  13. Ewww old lady dreads?!

    Good job on your test! I would bomb every single finance test. Ask Grahm. I'm horrible.

  14. 1) those old lady dreads are just so foul they're awesome. does that make sense?
    2) i, too, have a love/hate with the fb newsfeed. especially when it comes to ex's.
    and i couldn't ignore the baby doll bed. so funny.
    xx jes

  15. Haha I always feel so tough and confident when I use power tools :D 'Look at the tough chick now!' (of course it is all in my head.. but still)




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