Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


The sound of saliva in microphones. Seriously, how hard is it to swallow your freakin spit? The sound, legitimately, makes me cringe.

Conversations with old acquaintances.
I went up to my old college last week and ran into several former classmates.
The conversations all consisted of something similar to this:

"How have you been?"
"Great. U?"
"Where are you working now/what are you doing?"
blah blah blah blah

And then we were out of things to talk about...
I HATE small talk.

Being thrown up on. One of the many joys of having small children/babies...
Not only did she throw up down my cleavage, but she also covered my backside.
Luckily, I had my hair up in a ponytail, or it would have been covered!
It took everything I had not to follow her suit and throw up...


Spin Pins. 
If you don't have them, go buy them.  It's seriously THE best hair product out there.  Plus, it's under $10! 
They are so simple to use and you can create multiple kinds of buns with them.  I use these more than ponytail holders.  They also have mini spin pins now, but I haven't tried them (since my hair is so long and thick). 

Spring Sing. 
This is an annual show that Oklahoma Christian (my old school) puts on.  Every "club" (because it's a private school, they don't do sororities/frats) spends the first two months of spring semester creating a show.  Basically, they re-write popular songs and come up with choreographed routines.  Clubs LIVE for Spring Sing. 

Here's one of my favorite shows from this year:

This is the winning club's show:

The clubs also have to create a video that is shown prior to them going on stage.  Here's my favorite video from this year.

Well I could waste hours of your time by showing you other videos, so I'll stop. hahaha

**And last, but not least, I have an awkwardly-awesome moment (a first to this blog): the fact that mom and I spent 5 minutes trying to get a broom to stand on end. We couldn't get it to stand more than a second or two, so I'm convinced it's a conspiracy (or that our house isn't level). 

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. I had heard of those spin clip things and thought they were just another stupid invention, but you are starting to make me a believer!

    Oh and I absolutely can't stand small talk either. I purposely avoid talking to people if I see them out.

  2. I love the fact that you took a picture of the vomit before (hopefully) you cleaned it up.
    I don't understand that dumb broom trick.
    And now I want spin clips!

  3. I need spin pins! ...and I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates small talk!

  4. hahaha the sound of saliva in microphones is SPOT ON.
    xx jes

  5. That video was awesome!
    And the vomit... totally disgusting.

  6. I want to try those spin pins! Idk how it would work with my thick hair!

  7. I HAAAAAAATE getting puked on, but at least when ther little it's not chunky yet;)

    And I'm going to have to try spin pins! I'm tired of the ole pony tail!

  8. I hate awkward conversations!! I went to my old college a few weeks ago and it was FULL of them. It just makes me cringe...

  9. i HATE small talk really is so awkward. and i have been there too...spit up down the cleavage. when my son was young and spitting up i had constant stains and smelled like a burp clothe! oh and i did the broom thing too! at first it didn't work but then i tried again and it freaked out the husband haha.

  10. Hahahaha when I go back to my old home town I do everything i can to avoide those awkward cocos! I just hate them!! I like the name of your blog it's awesome! I just joined! Check out mine if you get the chance!

    Xx Kelly

  11. BAHAHA... So much of this made me laugh out loud...
    BUT... SEXY LADYYYY! Why you wearin' such revealing clothing? Only to be thrown up on, of course! :)
    I KID!

    But, you're so right about Spin Pins!! I've used them before but sadly they got lost in the move and now... they don't sell them here! Grr... stupid Italian merchandise (totally kidding... but I do miss my Spin Pins! lol)



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