Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guest Post from Janna

Since I'm off in Arizona, enjoying my 4 day weekend, I asked one of my favorite bloggers to guest post. Enjoy!

Hello my dears!

I am Janna from Perception Is Everything.

Alana invited me over for a quick  visit and I was happy to oblige!

I don't know if you all like to hike, but if you live in Colorado- you don't have a choice. Today I will share about the time we climbed The INCLINE!

Or at least our ATTEMPT at climbing The Incline ;)

To give you an idea, The Incline is a trail that runs straight up the steepest part of Pikes Peak, and as you climb up the railroad ties (placed like makeshift stairs), the air gets thinner, the sun gets more powerful and at points you practically have to continue on all fours....The slope actually reaches 50 degrees at one point. YIKES!

Doesn't look so bad right?

We were feeling somewhat overzealous when we began and were disheartened when we had to take a break after only 20 minutes.  BUT then we looked back down and saw people lower than us taking breaks as well...score 1 for us!

At least the view was encouraging...

Random Fact:  This trail is actually on private property and it is technically illegal to traverse it.  We're such rebels ;)

Wanna know my claim to fame for the day?  I was in the LEAD the WHOLE time!!  I was with my hunky-Army-hoss and Taylor-the-personal-trainer, who both work out EVERY day, and lil ol' me (who is not normally physically inclined) was the front runner all the way up!  My hubby was the most surprised, if that tells you anything.  I love making him proud-even if it was only cuz I was in a hurry to get to the top to get it all over with....if you tell him I said that, I will DENY it!! ;)

<3 Gorgeous view and even more gorgeous man <3

Taylor and I proud to document that we made it past the bailout!  If anyone asks, THE ONLY reason we went back to the bailout was the weather we saw coming. Honest.

Still proud we made it as far as we did and SUPER happy that we all made the decision to quit avoid the weather ;)

Don't forget, we still had a 2 mile trip down!  Luckily, it was on another trail, so it was leisurely compared to The Incline, but we were racing that weather, so we were keeping a healthy pace.

Boy, were all the views worth the trip....

See? You can't even see all the mountains anymore!  We were literally getting PELTED with hail as we got in the car and this time I'm NOT exaggerating one bit!!
Maybe next time we will make it to the top.  Maybe (not).


  1. Those views are AMAZING!!! What an awesome experience =) =) =)
    LOVE that you were in the lead haha ;)
    Much Love,


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