Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey y'all, it's a Southern thang...

I've often been told that I have the biggest accent ever.  As you saw from my accent vlog, it's not THAT bad; it really only shows in certain words (like y'all & my/mine). 

 At work, we have people calling from ALL OVER the world, with many different languages and accents, so I often find myself wondering if people are judging me for my "hickish" accent. 

Oh well, my accent makes me who I am...
even that is a Southern hick. haha

Furthermore, WHY do people still pronounce my name wrong when I answer the phone "______ Publishing, this is Alana."??  I will admit, I usually cut off the first "A" and say Lana, but that's not the point--these people STILL call me "Alaina" after I JUST said my name to them. Maybe they should follow my lead and just not say names if they don't know how to pronounce them/don't remember them (which is usually the case, let's be real here). 

On another note, don't forget about our link-up on Tuesday!! I'm still working on my two truths and lie, trying to come up with some stuff that y'all will never guess.  

HTML code:
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If you need an example of how this game goes, go check out Mallory's post.

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. Haha the name thing sucks... but as a notherner I'm so JEALOUS of your southern accent :)

    Belle De Jour

  2. Bahaha, I think your accent is adorable!! And I get my name misspelled all the time... Not quite as bad as mis-pronounced, but it still sort of sucks.

  3. I will never understand why people hear what they want to when it comes to names. It's not like Alana's a completely uncommon name.

  4. Ugh, when I was a hostess at Texas Roadhouse in high school, I was the one answering phones. I'd say "Thanks for calling Texas Roadhouse, this is Mallory, how can I help you?" and EVERY TIME I would get "Hi Mary" or "Hi Valerie" or "Hi Laurie". Seriously?! I JUST TOLD YOU MY NAME!
    Clearly that really pushes my buttons;)
    So excited for Tuesday!!
    Mallory (Or Mary/Valerie/Laurie if you're feeling like switching it up:P)

  5. I used to work for a cell phone customer service call center and would answer "thank you for calling ____ my name is Tierra how may I help you" and I understand I have a unique name but I would get called Theresa, Tyra, Tina, Keira, and Sarah all the time. I enunciated my name very clearly and it was almost never repeated back correctly. It would irk me so much.

  6. Haha, I'm showing the "y'all" image to my friend who's moving to the South this summer after spending her whole life here in the midwest. And I'm with Miss Katie K, I'm so jealous of your accent! My Wisconsin accent sounds so boring.

    Can't wait for the Tuesday link up!

  7. Ok just making sure (ashamed that I'm asking). Is it -ah-lah-nah?
    Also I say ya'll andim from Wisconsin.... Maybe I wish I was southern?

  8. I say y'all and I live in NY :) Oh, and everyone on the phone thinks my name is Melissa - I rarely correct them.

  9. When we moved down here from CT ALL I wanted was a southern twang and to say y'all. And now that I have an accent (which gets stronger at Pageant appearances. Weird) all I want is my Yankee accent back.


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