Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


 Cashier at Wendy's: "What are you wearing? It smells so good!"
Me: "Umm...spray tan...?"
Cashier: "What scent of spray tan?  Is that why you're so dark?"
Me: "I have no idea, and yes."
Cashier: (in a very sad sounding voice) "I wish I could tan..."

Sometimes I wonder if people own mirrors...

The old lady I saw in the airport reading Shades of Grey.

Being locked IN my hotel room.  You read that correctly, I was locked inside of my hotel room!  I had to call the front desk for them to send maintenance. A new door handle and an hour later, it was fixed. haha


Christmas in July. Go sign up!!

When people bring sweets to work for someone's birthday. Yesterday, I had oreo cake, peach bread, and chocolate covered strawberries.  YUMMY!

Receiving an email telling me to apply for MBA Graduation.  Yay! I can see the end!!

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  1. I love two truths and a lie...I love it.

    How did you take a picture of me and I didn't realize it? That's my favorite lime green top.


    Or maybe that's one of my truths ;)

  2. Oh my gosh. How awkward was that convo with the Wendy's cashier?! What scent of tanning lotion....seriously?! bahahaha

  3. lol omg what an awkward conversation with a cashier :D

  4. I can understand if the straps are showing, but if the whole back of your bra is out you need a different shirt. Ugh.

  5. Arrrrrgghhhhhh. I'm going to be on the airplane next tuesday. Boo. Maybe I'll try to link up from the airport.
    And that is probably the most awkward cashier/customer convo ever. Just sayin'. I mean, really. "Hey, your spray tan smells great... let me sniff you while I'm supposed to be putting in your order for a hamburger and frosty."

  6. Awkward....Having 50 Shades of Grey passed around @ work...No Thank You keep walking past me

  7. What scent of spray tan? What?

    People, I tell you.

  8. Haha that cashier at Wendy's is too funny! What a nut!

  9. I signed up for Christmas in July a couple days ago! Such a great idea. Have a great weekend!

  10. You header is so precious, love it!

    Love the spray tan comment...and i don't understand how PEOPLE go in public like that! ekkk!

  11. YES thanks to you i signed up for christmas in july!!!! i am so excited haha! hahha poor checker at wendys, so funny!


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    xo Kelly

  12. Seriously, how could she feel comfortable leaving the house dressed like that!?!

  13. You were locked in?! Too funny! A male customer was reading 50 Shades the other day, and I was cracking up. I mean I don't judge, but to see people out of the ordinary reading it in public is just funny to me.

  14. haha omg, I love taking pictures of people in airports but that one takes the cake!!!


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