Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Looking down at your keyboard and thinking it says "Shi*"
Skinning your cake so that all that is left is the non-burnt part
Whatever this chick is wearing on her head. Really though?

Forwarding a voicemail to a deaf girl. Oops...

The convo I had with an intern, that went a little something like this:
(as she jumps into a conversation I was having with another girl)
Intern: "You sound like me, I date a lot of guys..."
 Me: "I don't date a lot of guys anymore."
Intern: "Do you not date?"
Me: "I never said that."
Intern: "Yes you did."
Me: "I said I don't date a lot of guys anymore--I don't like to date."
Intern: "So you've never had a boyfriend?"
Me: "I've had many."
Intern: "Well then why'd you say you didn't like to date?"

Intern: "That's a pretty ring, where'd it come from?"
Me: "I bought it."

Intern: "I don't find black guys attractive, I've had a bunch try to ask me out on the dating sites and I have to tell them no all of the time. Then they get all clingy and want to meet me and call me their girlfriend."
Me: "No offense, but doesn't that send up a red flag as to why they are on those dating websites?"
Intern: "How old are you?"
Me: "Almost 23."
Intern: "Bet you can't guess how old I am!"
Me: "Probably not."
Intern: "Well what would you guess?"
Me: "25."
Intern: "Nope! I'm almost 30!"
Me: "And you're an intern?"
Intern: "Yep! And I work at Target!!"

Intern: "I'm going to a modeling/acting/singing convention next month but I didn't get accepted for the singing part."
This conversation leads me to three thoughts:
1. Why do people think it's appropriate to jump into conversations and start asking intrusive questions.
2.  How can people be so incredibly awkward?
3.  Why do these people always find me?


My upside down french braid sock bun. Pretty legit for my first attempt, I'd say!

Making a 100 on one of my finals! Oh yeah, who's the bomb?! 
Too bad my exit exam has the potential to drop me a letter grade in that class. Boo : (
Ordering my cap and gown and class ring! I feel like such a grown up!
*Disclaimer: If anyone asks me if I'm graduating high school, I will punch them.

Taking graduation pictures in my cap and gown.
(Even though I have squint eyes in all of them--I even asked my mom if I was part oriental because my eyes looked SO small). 



  1. Am I a creep because I'm already commenting and you just posted this?

    I don't care...

    Your hair in that picture is amazing.

    And anyone that is THAT excited about being an intern and working at Target when they are 30 years old, need a life.

  2. I'm too excited about so many of the things in this post that I can't remember them all, but your hair is KILLER! I'm absolutely in love!!
    & Congrats on the cap and gown!:)

    That is all.

  3. I bet that convention would be some great people watching!

  4. Your hair looks really awesome!!!
    That intern is like, holy crap, the most awkward person ever.
    Congrats on your final - that's great!
    And... yay graduation!!!

  5. That woman (the intern) has got to be one of those chicks afraid of getting old. I think I'd just shake my head and walk away from any of those conversations.
    Love your hair, btw.

  6. I love that incredibly awesome sock bun! I can't make a proper one to save my life.. Boo! Need.more.practice.

    Have a great weekend!

    Liesl xxx

    PS. Check out my MICHAEL KORS giveaway:

  7. seriously what is that girl wearing??? your hair on the other hand is awesome!! I am SO impressed!! congrats on your final too!!!

  8. Omg how awkward was the convo w the intern. Like wtf? So weird! I love the bun w the braid!!!! Looks so good!

  9. That intern is priceless. At least she gives you good blog fodder! Your hair looked amazing!

  10. LOL That intern is insane... I would have to just walk away. So weird!

    And I love your hair! I used to wear mine VERY similar to that for cheerleading competitions... lol

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