Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Peel-off face masks--do these gross anyone else out?
Killing snakes. Have I mentioned just how much I hate them?

I typed "possibly" into my phone the other day, and it predicted that I was going to say "pussyfoot.' Umm...pretty sure that word has never even come out of my mouth (until now), so why would my phone think that's what I was trying to say?

Having to explain to people what quarterly means.  Apparently, I was wrong in my assumption that everyone knew that quarterly was four times a year. 

Hot Chocolate in June : )
The fact that my 1st Gen. Nano outlasted my 1st Gen. iTouch. Wanna know something even more awesome? I'm fixing to get an upgrade on that Nano for free! Apparently the battery is explosive...? Now if only Apple would have a recall on the 1st Gen. iTouch so I could get a new working one.

My new Tiffany's blue polish. I'm in love! I kinda feel like I'm cheating on my pink polishes...
The Swipe texting function on my new phone--seriously, it's the most awesome and convenient thing ever. 

The fact that the gorgeous, Miss McKinney will be competing in the Miss Texas pageant soon. Go wish her luck!

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  1. that it too strange or awkward I guess : ) that your phone typed that??? and LOVE that nail polish color!

  2. Oh my, that mask is scarier than mine!

    I cannot do the link up this time! I will be MIA.

    I am so sad.

  3. I love Tiffany Blue anything, and I have never said 'pussyfoot', either. Actually wait- I think I have. Haha. I have Southern roots...what can I say? Yay for recalls and free stuff. Just don't let it blow up on you before you get a new one! PS. I'm am giving you a shout out tomorrow ;)

  4. quarterly in my mind is money. I love quarters. ask dan. obsessed. I think it's because I used to always need them to clean out my car. now I don't clean my car anymore.
    anywho ... snakes. ick. but I also do not want to see one stabbed with a pitchfork. :)

  5. Oh my god that face mask is scary. Ew. And I'm wearing a nail polish right now that's almost that exact same color! I love it.

  6. GIRL! You killed that snake yourself? I am totally impressed. And hot chocolate in June is just lovely...thinking I'll make a cup tonight and watch a Christmas movie :)

  7. you killed a snake?

    Come be my bodyguard please.

  8. your post is awesome. i like using those peel off masks too. the last time i used one i scared my bf. it was one of those black ones from Boscia.

    Great blog and photos!
    Now following. Keep in touch.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  9. This might be weird, but I think peel-off masks are kind of cool:)

  10. Oh no! Poor snake :( I love reptiles, and would looove to own one one day!

  11. hate hate hate snakes!

    love hot chocolate in june, awesome!

    iphone autocorrect is stupid! ;)!


  12. I found your blog throw I was Born a Red Dirt Girl and since you had the same name I had to check out your blog. Love the nail polish!

  13. I am impressed that you got that mask off in one peel! Way to go! lol


  14. That Tiffany's blue polish... ADORE!

  15. I LOVE the polish!! It's so freaking cute! And ugh killing snakes - NASTY!!!

  16. oh gosh, those peeling face masks. i've never seen those before. how scary!
    and you gotta hand it to our autocorrect phones when spelling things. too funny!
    xo TJ

  17. absolutely LOVING that nail polish. i may have to run and buy me some in the next few days =)

  18. ugh i hate snakes! i worked at a petstore and didn't mind them until they started snapping at me! and um yah...that mask? gross!


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