Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Truths and a Lie Tuesday

It's time for my monthly link-up with Mallory!
You know what that means...
Grab our button, 
Go write your post, 
Come back and link-up, 
and make sure you follow the links and guess what everyone is lying about it!

Here are my Two Truths and a Lie for this month:
1.  I once snuck out of my private, Christian college; hopped a fence; and ran from security.
2.  I've been handcuffed by a police officer.
3. I totaled my car when I was a teenager.

See if you can guess which one is the lie! Good luck!



  1. I'm guessing that being handcuffed by a police officer is a lie.

  2. I love this link up :)

    I'm going to go with #3.

    I really want #1 to be true. Really, really do.

  3. I'm horrible at coming up with things. Both things that are true and fairly interesting and a lie that doesn't sound too outrageous.

    I'm guessing #3 is the lie.

  4. I am guessing number 3 is a lie...because I really want 1 and 2 to be true!

    Love this link up!

  5. oooh what a fun link up. Will have to remember this next time.

    I'm saying number 3 is a lie :)!


  6. Im going to say you've never been arrested.
    Love the link up great iea, I just did my first one :)

  7. I think #3 is a lie...it sounds much too tame for you;)

  8. THe handcuffs one is totally a lie!!!

  9. I'm guessing #3, because I hope the other two are true!!


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