Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Alyx, for Sunday Confessions.

I cringe when I hear about one of my exes getting engaged/married.

I really don't like it when people get in my bubble.
I think that's why I don't care too much for pets (they won't leave you alone).

While I love my long hair and getting compliments on it, I HATE fixing it.
Really though, who has the time to make their hair look like they walked off of a freakin pinterest board every single day? 
Speaking of, I'm accepting Kelly's Messy Dirty Hair Challenge.  You should go check it out! Just know that I'm so going to win.  I have the whole dirty hair thing down so good, it's clean. (I know, lame joke). 

Which brings me to another confession.  I laugh at my own jokes. 

Sticky children disgust me--as in, I won't touch them until they are no longer sticky.

I have a large collection of heels, which I used to wear all of the time, that I no longer have the desire to wear.
Maybe because I seem to step in cracks every time I wear them...
Maybe because my driveway is gravel (which ruins heels)...
Maybe because they make my feet hurt...
Maybe because I'm flat lazy and don't care if my legs look amazing...

I'm an Ambien texter--it's kinda like drunk texting, only when you're doped up on Ambien. 
Seriously though, if we have a late night conversation, I have no control over my words and will not remember it the next day.

I want nothing more than a ginormous walk-in closet.  
I'm talking, Sex and the City size closet...
Just ignore the Spanish subtitles haha



  1. I'm the same way about sticky kids. I won't let my daughter out of the high chair until she's cleaned off or we make a trip straight to the sink to wash up. Maybe it'll change when she gets older, but it's just icky.

  2. LOL, I laugh at my own jokes too!!

    I also have long hair that I hate fixing, part of that is I just don't really know how to fix my hair.

    Love your confessions. :)

  3. Haha love these! I laugh at my own jokes as well.

  4. Oh, yuck! Sticky kids... I can't do sticky.
    I'm sooo lazy when it comes to my hair.
    I love all my heels but hate wearing them for more than a couple of hours.
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Pretty sure all kids are overall icky haha

    Those are great confessions

  6. I died laughing when I saw the Spanish subtitles.

    I understand your hair pain. I don't do mine unless I have to.

    And we've already discussed your exes. But they're missing out.

  7. I'm doing the messy challenge too, but that's because I always rock dirty hair. Haha. Although, mine never looks messy. Straight, straight, straight.

  8. i'm trying to organize my closet and I need a bigger one! and my hair is SO greasy. it looks gross after not even a full day - not sure I'd make it long!

  9. I only fix my hair like 2 days out of the week... but that has a lot to do with the fact that I stay at home :P I would gladly take your long hair though! I wish I had've never ever ever cut mine!

    And I SO WANT a HUGE HUGE HUGE walk in closet. Please & thanks :)


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