Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


One of my coworkers catching "walking phenomenon."  (he meant to say walking pneumonia)
Gotta love autocorrect.  Poor thing's never gonna live that one down...

Stuffing a pizza bite into my mouth right before the owner of the company walks in to my office with a new client he wants to introduce to me.  To make matters worse, it was scolding hot and resulted in a burn on the roof of my mouth because I ate it so fast.  In my defense, it was during my lunch break!

Getting an email from facebook with a confirmation code to finish setting up my account. This is only awkward because I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK. Some troll stole my email address!  So I logged in, changed her password and security questions, and deleted her facebook. Teach her to screw with me! I'd assume it's some random hacker sitting in Taiwan, but I wasn't taking any chances...

Having a "getting to know you" conversation with a random stranger on a plane. WTF?! Leave me alone. Were my headphones not enough of a sign that I didn't want to talk to you?

Fugly, hungover, flight attendants with 6 inch nails who ask you not once, but twice, what color toenail polish you have on. 

The Denver Airport. Why was I never told that it was like 4 miles long and that making it to your next flight was nearly impossible?  Running down the terminal, while doing a potty dance and stripping off my layers, is not something I care to do again.  


Signing my first client! Woot woot!

My amazing new office. It's so big, I really don't know what to do with it.

Not getting a gazillion facebook notifications from people I never talk to saying "happy birthday."  When you don't have your birthday posted for everyone to see, you find out who your true friends are real quick! haha. Did I mention I've successfully gone without facebook for like two months now?

My surprise birthday card that mom hid in the bottom of my suitcase for me to find while I was in Phoenix. I seriously cried. 

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  1. I can barely remember half my family's birthdates (far too many of them!) so Facebook is really helpful, I do care! Haha!
    That flight attendant is weird...

  2. Every time I eat pizza bites I burn my mouth too because they are just so good I can't wait for them to cool off before I eat!!

  3. Hackers are so silly and lazy these days. My favorite was when they sent everyone I know an email saying I was in London and needed cash because I was in danger. You think my dad would know it's a hoax right? Stupid is as stupid does!


  4. I really miss the days you had a Facebook...

  5. I am SO. BAD. with birthdays - it's a problem.

    Do you get to travel a lot for your new position?

  6. Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday!! Secondly, I can't believe that someone tried to start a Facebook with your email. Thirdly, I wish that I could have met you in Denver!! Congrats on the client!


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