Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh how I love summer...

Guess whose air conditioner broke and is currently melting her boobs off in Oklahoma?
That's right, this girl!

The inside of my house is currently hotter than the outside (and has been for the last 3 days). 
Did I mention it's 110+ outside?

And to top it off, apparently DISH TV doesn't work when it's this hot. Who knew?
Need proof?  Here ya go...

I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but seriously, how did people survive without air conditioning?  Plus in the olden days they wore corsets and big heavy dresses. Oh HELL no!

And in case you're wondering, yes, my boobs are actually sweating.  Gross, I know.
Who needs a diet when you can just sweat your fat off?



  1. hahaha your poor boobs! Hope it all gets fixed. I can only imagine how miserable you are right now.

  2. Oh no bueno!!! ahaha, Idk how they did it either. I'm such a wimp and grouchy when I'm hot. Couldn't image me surviving long in the old days. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  3. Oh, no!!! I hope it gets fixed soon, because that seriously does NOT sound like my idea of a good time, especially when you don't have TV to take your mind off of things!

  4. Poor girl :( We had a house with air units, but we might as well have had none. We spent that whole summer in our underwear I think.

  5. I was definitely not wondering that, but thats for that info.

  6. Oh no, poor girl! That's way too hot! Our air conditioning broke last summer and my husband suffered so much! In Germany most houses don't even have air conditioning.

  7. I personally think that it wasn't as hot back in the day...I think global warming is kicking our butts. Haha.

  8. Ahhh I'm so sorry!!! Hope they get your air conditioner fixed ASAP.. I mean, a girl has to have her TV when it's this hot outside!

  9. ugh!!! I wouldn't be able to handle that either!

  10. ugh! that sucks, thank god it doesnt get hot like that in ontario to often!

  11. How’s the AC unit now, Alana? Having your air conditioner break down during the summer is surely upsetting! Geez, I think I cannot stand to even sit at home when the temperature’s rising in the vicinity. I hope your AC is already fixed by now. :]

    - Launce Newlove

  12. I’ve experienced this before. It was also during summer when the AC unit in my room got broken. I am a bedroom buddy, so it’s really frustrating on my part to spend time on the living room. Haha! I also shared room with my younger sister for a few nights. I’m grateful that it didn’t take so long to repair my air con though.

    Harold Rhoads


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