Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday, Edition 21


People who think they're good at being sarcastic but they're really not so I just give them blank glares. 

Typos on t-shirts.
I just saw one online from Old Navy that read
"Lets Go Team"
Whoever their proofreader is, obviously didn't learn about apostrophes. 
When I saw this shirt online, it linked me to another typo shirt from Wet Seal that read
"If Your Single, So Am I"
At least they knew where to put a comma--right?

When waiters assume you're a lesbian because you're out with another girl. 
They inevitably ask if it will be on the same ticket.

The high class people I saw at the Watermelon Festival last week.
I'm sure the people at the County Fair will be just as awkward though...

Sitting behind a couple at a restaurant who is on their first date.
Better yet, a couple who just met right before their first date.
However, the most awkward is sitting behind a couple who just met right before their fist date after having met on an Internet dating site!
You better believe I eavesdropped on their conversation!
I don't know that she was too impressed--he was shorter than her, dressed down, had a shiny bald head, and ordered a plate for them to share...


Being an official MBA Student--even if people keep telling me I'm wasting time and money...

Waking up early every morning to go work out--it really works wonder for your mood (and looks).

This article (click on the word to go to there)

Until next time,
The Intelligent Blonde

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