Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not-So-Intelligent Blonde Moments...

Can I get a show called "Lana Says the Darndest Things?"  
It would for sure be a hit.

Last night, while telling a story about New York, I started my sentence off with
"When I went to the New York City Public Library in New York..."
Thank you, captain obvious...

I would also like to dedicate one of these awards to one of the Guards at Remington Park.
Apparently if you're underage you get an arm band--since I'm clearly older than 21 I didn't have one.
When we went through the casino part the Guard looked at Chantz (who did have an arm band) and let him through.  He then proceeded to card me.  
While looking at my ID he says "Oh, you just turned 21 a few weeks ago--Congrats!"
I gave him the most retarded look and he finally figured out that the year was not 2010 and I had actually been legal for over a year now.  
Here's your sign.
As if the red box on my ID that says "Under 21 until July 29, 2010" wasn't enough...

Also, why do they give an arm band to people who aren't of legal age?  
Wouldn't it make more sense to give a band to people who are over 21?
The underage people could just cut theirs off...

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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