Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday 2011

I decided to share with ya'll my Black Friday purchases:

Unlike my brother and sister-in-law, 
I didn't have anything big to purchase (like a camera or iPad).

Black Friday is typically the only day of the year that I will purchase DVDs.
I just can't bring myself to pay full price for them...

What did you do/buy on Black Friday?

While you answer that question, 
I will probably be on the phone with insurance companies, 
ensuring that my ($100,000+) surgery that I'm supposed to have next week is covered.  
My patience is officially gone.  

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde


  1. Paul Blart is amazing!!! Love that movie.

    Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure that everything will go exactly like it's supposed to.

  2. i never thought of getting dvds on black friday...i always thought it was all about electronics and things like that. so next year i may need to go!

    good luck with the insuarnce companies girl!

  3. ha ha. I haven't actually watched Paul Blart since it was in the theaters! Thanks, I hope everything works out!

    Miranda--DVDs are a MUST on Black Friday! Usually they're priced from $1.99-$9.99!

    I think I finally have the insurance stuff figured out. I'm booking my flights right now.

  4. Ah we totally bought like 5 of the same movies! Ha:)
    & insurance companies are definitely a pain in the butt. I hope everything works out for you so you don't have to worry about it anymore!

  5. good timing -- good movies are a must after a trip to the hospital. hope it goes well

  6. I spent Black Friday moping around and eating leftovers... because Italy does NOT have Black Friday sales! Well, they do on base... but it sucks! haha But P.S. check out today's post... JUST FOR YOU! ;)


  7. Mallory--we must have good taste!

    I'm thinking those movies will definitely come in handy next week!!

    Ash--that sucks that they don't have good sales! I guess it's worth it though, considering where you get to live!! ha ha. I'm headed to your blog right now to check it out!


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