Thursday, September 13, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


Have you ever noticed that men shake hands when walking into a gym? 
I guess it's kind of like how karate people bow to each other before a match...?
"Hey buddy, I really don't like you and I can TOTALLY bench more than you, but I'm going to act like I respect you and shake your hand."  I think us girls should establish something cool like that...maybe we should flip our hair at each other when we walk into a gym!

On that note, why do people grunt when lifting weights? You'd think you were listening to a tennis match!  It doesn't impress me--if anything, it does quite the opposite.  

Knowing that I have student loans I could/should be paying on, but not knowing who to contact. You'd think they would have already been in contact with me to get their money! 

Strapless bras. Does anyone else have issues getting those suckers to stay up?


Getting away for the weekend. A LONG weekend. I'm heading to Phoenix tonight and won't be back until Monday!  

Spray tans.  I love having a tan without damaging my skin. The price tag isn't pretty, though...

Being able to help make dreams come true. Someone told me I was like God the other day. I told her that was a very unfair comparison, but she said that her reasoning behind the statement was that only two people held her fate--God and me.  It was kind of a culture shock for me to realize that I do have the ability to make or break dreams. 

Space heaters.  They provide me with the ability to make my office nice and toasty while the rest of the office is freezing.  Everyone gripes when they walk into my office, but I love it!



  1. I don't even try with the strapless bras. my girls on working on a revolt with regular bras, the strapless wouldn't stand a chance.

  2. oohh strapless bras! Why isn't there a better way?!?
    Seriously, I have the same issue with college loans..can't they make it easier?

  3. strapless bras- uggggghh.

    space heaters really are awesome, though. We practically heat our apartment with them in the winter- our landlord hoards all the heat in her section of the house upstairs!

  4. Your student loans people should be sending bills to your permanent address. Your loans are still probably deferred till October or November - they give you a 2 or 3 month grace period. You'll know when you have to start paying them, but for now, enjoy the time without the $250 monthly payments. lol

  5. oh space heaters. I really don't think I could get through one work day without mine. Even when it's 100+ outside ... mine is always running. I've always blown a couple of fuses (or whatever you call that) because of it. Environmental Safety is not very happy with me.


  6. Strapless bras bite the big one...they squish you down and neve stay where they're supposed to!! Also, I would LIVE in your office. I love love love to be toasty warm:)

  7. I got a fake tan once at a spa... it wasn't a spray on tan, perhaps those are better... this fake tan they rubbed on me ended up changing me orange, but only in spots, like some kind of Dr. Seuss Dalmatian.

  8. Haha I totally grunt when I lift weights, I cant help it. And lovvvve Spray tans!

  9. Lol you have to have something cooler than flipping your hair

  10. I hate strapless bras for that very reason! I have only found one that works, and now I wish that I had bought ten of them! You should be very proud of what you are a very giving person! Have fun on your trip!

  11. I feel the same way about student loans! I had to search through a million different UGA and Federal Loan websites before I could find ANY info. It took forever but I finally have a payment plan! ;)

    And strapless bras.... HATEHATEHATE. I always feel like I need superglue or duct tape to help them out... lol


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