Thursday, September 6, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


Choosing a new deodorant. People tend to give me weird looks when I'm standing in the deodorant aisle for 5 minutes sniffing deodorants.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this...?
Being offered $1 to strip. 
Honey please, I'm worth WAY more than that! 
Seriously though, why would some random old creeper jump into my conversation about stripping out of my graduation gown?
People who underestimate my intelligence and professionalism because I'm young. Well, really that's more annoying than awkward...
Taco Bell guy: "I like your........umm........(insanely long pause)"
Lisa: ".....Thanks?"
Taco Bell guy: "What's it called.....a....umm....."
Lisa: "A Nitro?"
Taco Bell guy: "No........a Crossover!"
Lisa: "It's a Nitro." 
bahahahahahha. WTF?  We had absolutely NO idea what he was going to say he liked.
And that my friends, is why you don't go to Taco Bell at midnight...apparently that's when they let the creepers out to work; gotta keep 'em hidden during the day!
When you call somebody by the wrong name and realize what you did right after it comes out of your mouth. REWIND. 
One of my clients telling me he googled me. 

Having a record-breaking first month in my new position.  I made company history!
Spending $30 on hairbows for Zoe.  Yes, we already made her tons of bows, but a girl can never have too many bows!
Finding a strapless army green maxi in the Clearance section at Old Navy.  I'll be sure to take lots of photos of myself in it and post them for you to see (kidding). I'm definitely not fashionable enough for that!  What's even more awesome is that it's an XS and it fits!!  
Losing weight. There's nothing more exciting than stepping on the scales to discover you've lost a few more pounds. Okay, that's a lie--the thought of spending my bonus check to buy something nice for myself is definitely more exciting. 
My newfound love for Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi. Why didn't anyone ever tell me that they taste so good?  Count me out on Diet Coke, though, it's nasty!


  1. I had to buy more deodorant last week. and I am not kidding you, I stood there for ten minutes sniffing. But, I dunno, call it unsanitary, but I have to take that plastic lid thing off to get the full effect. I get really weird looks when I do that.
    congrats on making company history! I bet they're stoked they hired you. :) oh and losing weight. that's the best.

  2. Haha I do that with deodorant also! And I love the taco bell story.

  3. Oh my goodness I feel the same way when buying new deodorant! I feel like I am on that aisle forever too because I tend to get a different one, every time.

  4. My boyfriend stands in the aisle sniffing deodorants and body wash EVERY single time. I always laugh at him. So, don't fret, you are not alone.

    Congratulations on making company history. I don't think there is a better way to start a new position!

  5. I do that with deodorant too!

    Well done losing the weight! XS is awesome!

  6. 1. I always smell deodorants.
    2. TB has weirdos.
    3.SO proud of you

  7. I am so glad to have made it back over here...I missed your blog and awkward and awesome Thursdays! I am glad to know I am not the only one who stands in the deodorant isle sniffing away! I also just re-opened my blog with a new, if you want to check it out!

  8. Midnight is definitely the witching hour... for most creeps.


  9. I love Old Navy's sizing because anything from an XS to an XXL will fit depending on the garment. It opens up so many more options, especially in clearance!

  10. I love Old Navy's sizing because anything from an XS to an XXL will fit depending on the garment. It opens up so many more options, especially in clearance!

  11. i DEF take forever to pick out my a freak about smelling good so im with ya on that. i get stares too! and yaya for losing weight! thats fab girl!!! XO

  12. taco bell employees never disappoint in the hilarity department... or the creeper department, apparently...

  13. I prefer coke 0! And good job on your job!!

  14. there anyone who would strip for a dollar? and who asks that?!

    I hate Dt. Pepsi and Dt. Coke but I love Dt. Dr. Pepper. Except I like it warm...weird I know.

  15. Congrats on setting a record at work!!! And $1? Seriously dude? I would have said something mean back to him!

  16. Haha. Deodorant, man. We gotsss tah smell good, ya? I do the same thing with shampoo... whiff whiff :)

    Ha ha. Taco Bell guy... sounda like there's a reason he's at Taco Bell ;)

    Happu weekend!

  17. Congrats on losing a few pounds. Well done!

  18. a client googling you? not cool. : ) congrats on losing weight and buying an xs and I do want to see a pic of your new dress. : ) hope you have a great weekend!!

  19. Congrats on your work success! Yay! And as for losing awesome :) I need to get my butt in gear because I've been letting the numbers crawl up (and I can barely breathe in the belted top I'm wearing at work right now!) Yikes!

  20. between all that awkwardness i don't even know where to start - $1 wow, i would of been like ugh you need to add some more 0's then we will talk :p and I def smell deodorant before i buy it too lol and i FEEL SO WEIRD DOING IT!!! lol

  21. Congrats on making history! That's awesome! So proud of you :) I just stick with Old Spice deodorant, yes men's deodorant. Haha.

  22. $30 on hair bows?! This girl is gonna have a bow for every outfit!


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