Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe In...

No Awkward & Awesome Thursday this week--I know you're thoroughly depressed.  
My grandma has been doing really bad this week (they aren't sure if she'll pull through), so I don't have it in me to be try to be funny today.  Instead, I'm linking up with Erin for I Believe In...

I believe in...working your butt off in hopes that, someday, it will pay off.

I believe without facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagram. 

I believe in...long distance relationships.

I believe in...being a creeper taking pictures of complete strangers.
(Speaking of, I have some good ones for you next week)

I believe ability to do anything I set my mind to.

I believe in...the friendships I have made through blogging.

I believe in...the unceasing love of a family.

I believe in...retail therapy.

I believe in...spoiling myself. Someone's gotta do it, right?

I believe  Even if I have to sell my firstborn child to afford it.

I believe in...big bows. Little girls should never leave the house without a bow in their hair.

I believe in...long hair.

I believe in...bobby pins, sock buns, and spin pins. 

I believe in...setting my cruise control at 4 mph over the speed limit. 
I do not believe in my ability to get out of the ensuing speeding ticket.

 I believe in...disposable plates and silverware.  Screw washing dishes. 

I believe in...myself.

I believe in...mascara.  Seriously, I don't know a blonde who doesn't!

I believe in...the power of heels...even if they are painful.

I believe in...laughing until you cry. 

I believe in...memories.  I will cherish the times I had with my grandma, and I believe that when she passes, she will know that she was loved.  I will never forget her (always) red lips, her heels and handbags, her love of jewelry, her spunky attitude, or her willpower.  I love it when people tell me I'm just like her--it's quite a compliment!



  1. Your grandma sound amazing. I'm so sorry for the hard times you're going through. Prayers going up for ya.

    and just want to add to the list:

    I believe in Harvey Dent.

    and you. :)

  2. This is so sweet:) Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  3. Umm. How did I miss this LDR thing? Details!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. Prayers for your family.

  4. So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. The most important thing is the memories and the fact that she knows how deeply she is loved.

    And, I only use paper plates and silverware. Who has time for dishes? ;)

  5. I'll pray for her, this is a really touching post.

    lol, my children totally agree with your paper plates and silverware. I'm such a mean Father.

    I believe in Faeries... and agree that sometimes you really have to spoil yourself.

  6. YES!!! i so agree with life before all the social media - i miss those times. i just feel like there is just tooooo much now. XO

  7. What a fun belief list. I know very few girls in general who don't believe in mascara! It's finding that one that works so well for you that's hard! I may spend my entire life searching for my "holy grail" mascara ;) I'm with you on the hard work, too. You can't just expect everything to come to you. :)

  8. haha. Love this list.

    xo, Emily
    bluedogbelle.blogspot. com

  9. Wow...she is one hot grandma! I hope that no matter what she is at peace and I definitely believe that she knows that she is loved! I also agree with most of the other stuff you believe in too! I'm doing this tomorrow and you get a little shout out ;)

  10. Sorry for what you're going through with your grandma, but things will be okay!

    And you and your man are so cute!!

  11. i love this post! i want to do a sock bun! and I am so thankful for friendships through blogging! happy weekend!

  12. My best to you and your grandma. Hope everything works out.


  13. Too bad to hear abut your grandma not doing well! I hope things turn around for her.

  14. I really hope the best for your grandma! I love that you added: I believe in myself - really important thing!

  15. I love, love this post. My prayers are with you and your grandma. She sounds like an amazing woman!

  16. OMG yes, I also believe in big bow! And thoughts and prayers for your family and Grandma!

  17. I agree with the big bows... I'm stocking up!! Still need to buy like a thousand more, of course. :)

    Praying for you!


  18. What a sweet post! I found you from your post on "Perception is everything". I totally agree with this list! And am so pleased I have found someone else who takes photos of strangers! Lol. Definitely a new follower who is excited to hear more of your adventures!



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