Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Truths & a Lie: Reveal

Time to reveal the results of my Two Truths & a Lie Post!

1.  I once rode a camel: TRUE
That's me...on a sweat pants. Don't judge me!

2. I had a miniature kangaroo as a pet. TRUE
via The Fact Site
My mom found a jerboa in an exotic pet store and couldn't resist buying it. It would hop and rock on his tale, just like a kangaroo. It was the cutest thing ever! Unfortunately, he got his leg caught in his cage and broke it. Because he was so rare, we couldn't find a vet who knew how to fix it, so he died. 

3.  I shot a trophy deer. FALSE
I've actually never killed an animal--although, I did come very close to running over a bunny one time...



  1. I can't believe you had a mini kangaroo! I was hoping that was true! and so sad about it's leg!!

  2. I thought for sure that #2 was the lie! DANGIT!!!

  3. Whaaaat?! I've never even heard of a jerboa! Crazy....


  4. Number two is sooo cool! I didn't even know mini kangaroos were real?!

  5. i can't imagine anyone got that one right! that's crazy!

  6. I knew by your response to my guess that it was the kangaroo...that is too cool!!


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