Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Guess His Sharpener is Broken...

It has been a HORRIBLE weekend; definitely ranks in my Top 10 Worst Weekends Ever. I'm beginning to wonder if there is in fact a good guy out there. To explain the title of this blog, please scroll down and read my 64-Count Box blog (if you haven't already). Every time I find a semi-decent guy, he screws it up. I mean, I'm not clingy by any means, but falling off the face of the planet for days at a time is NOT okay. I would also like to point out that standing a girl up is NOT okay. If you say "I'll text you when I get home so we can hang out," you better TEXT HER when you get home. Otherwise, she'll be forced to show up on your doorstep and beat you with a pillowcase filled with bars of soap...or at least her friend will (ha ha Thanks Kelly). I'm not normally a "glass is half empty" kinda girl, but I've finally had enough and have been pushed over the edge! Maybe it's because I made the stupid decision to watch one of those sappy Hallmark Channel love movies with mom earlier. I actually told her after the movie, and I quote, "It's movies like this that make people kill themselves." A little drastic, I know, but it's soooo true! We have been brought up to believe in all that crappy fairy tale romance stuff since we were little. We keep waiting for our knight in shining armor to come rescue us. A part of us still wants to believe our true love is out there, when the truth is (for me at least) that there is no true love.

I've come to the conclusion that my true love was tragically killed by a terrorist, perhaps on 9/11. (I'm fairly confident this isn't true but I had to do something to keep your interest... lol).

Sorry for the downer tonight...but that's what's on my mind right now.

Disclosure: I, as a female and the author of this blog, have the right to change my mind at any time, without further notice. Next week, I may be madly in love. However, I don't advise holding your breath...

I'm a girl...what do you expect? ;)

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  1. I think sometimes, girls our age try too hard. What are we doing looking to fall in love at the age of 20? Why bother looking for a man when you're in school. All the distractions will drown it.
    Plus one of the basic necessities for love is forgiveness.. How are you ever going to love someone if you never give them a chance? I feel like often girls will write off a guy too soon because of one mistake. Yeah most of the time it's a pretty good reason to write him off but not texting you? I know I'm guilty of forgetting that most of the time.
    Don't let one mistake ruin what could be.


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