Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Second Dog Gets to Stare at the Butt of the First Dog...

Oh the things you learn in school....

Today in my Managerial Strategy class we were talking about comparative advantage, which is a relatively easy subject to grasp. However, my teacher (bless his heart) loves explaining everything as visual images. For instance...when talking about "greater the risk, greater the return," he compared stock to every fruit imaginable. If you invest in an get an apple. But sometimes you can invest in an apple and get an orange! WTF?? lol. while talking about comparative advantage, he used a visual that clicked in my head. Companies like to get unsustainable comparative advantages so they can be like the lead dog of a dog sled team; they see the world and every possibility. Whereas, companies without comparative advantages are like the dogs behind the lead dog...all they see is the butt of the lead dog; they're so busy trying to keep up with the lead dog, they don't see anything else.

Isn't this a great thought?? It immediately make me think of 2 things:

1. We should be the lead dog of our own dreams and life...we shouldn't worry about the dogs (more fitting of a name to some than others...ha ha) behind us. We shouldn't let things behind us (our past) get in the way of our future...even though those things are tied to us.

2. We should be the hind dogs in our ultimate race. God should be the lead dog, and we should be running so fast to keep up with him and follow him in order to get to Heaven, that no other worldly things distract us. We should be tied to him, in everything we do.

And they say you don't learn anything in school....

I hope you become the lead dog of your dreams, and can still manage to be the hind dog in the ultimate race.

This is my goal.

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