Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just keep smiling...

Is it me or does this week seem like it's never going to end?? And it's only Tuesday....

Since I've been fairly anti-social lately, I've had plenty of time to think about the stuff that makes me happy. Some of these things include:

my family

fmylife.com (makes me feel better about my life)

textfromlastnight.com (just plain retarded lol)

Gone With the Wind (I watched it over the weekend and was reminded of it's greatness...definitely in the Top 10 movies ever made...although it could be a little shorter)

the thought of graduating...someday...lol

my friends

Secret Life (don't ask me why I like this show cause I have no idea why lol...I feel kinda lame)

The Buried Life (watched it for the first time last night and LOVED it! It reminded me of my bucket list which I'm slowly working on. How great would it be to travel the world accomplishing your dreams while helping others do the same??)

Hockey (this is a true sport...they keep their balance while skating which is hard enough in itself WHILE people are checking them against the glass and trying to kill them...all while they attempt to get the puck in the goal)

random texts from people I love :)

Teen Mom (it's amusing to see how different girls are better moms than others)

shoes (I LOVE shoes)

when guys are sweet (cause you NEVER see it anymore...)

when I get letters in the mail (everyone facebooks or texts now, so when I get a letter it just makes me feel special)

candy (I love candy!)

God (when everything in my life is going wrong I just have to laugh at God's sense of humor. I feel like he's showing me to let him make my plans for me.)

blogs (I love reading other people's blogs although it makes me feel like mine is even lamer) lol

music (a good song can make my day)

teaching piano (I love watching Allison learn--it's so cute and makes me feel like I'm making a difference)

a perfect weather day (we rarely have "perfect weather" days in Oklahoma, however yesterday was very close...)

and that's all I can think of for now even though there are thousands of other things lol

I could make a list of things I don't like but I don't like dwelling on bad things so I'm going to refrain ;).

As I wrap this up, I'd like to remind everyone to be thankful for what they have and to appreciate the small things! All too often we fail to recognize the things that make us happy because we are too busy focusing on the unhappy aspects of life.

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