Saturday, January 30, 2010


A few hours after my last blog, our power went out. I should have knocked on wood, I suppose. The first night (Thursday), I slept in the house with 4 layers of clothing on and 5 blankets. The following day, we decided to go stay with my grandma at her Assisted Living Home; it wasn't bad except for the fact that 3 people and a dog were crammed into a room the size of a dorm room. Nevertheless, it was warm, I counted my blessings. That is until around 12:00 that night when my mother decided she wanted me to run to the car and get her cot. I obliged and trekked out into the 5 feet of snow and ice (that's an exaggeration, but it was cold and icy). Then I returned to my cozy cot. Right as I started to drift off to sleep, my grandma starts snoring and talking in her sleep; apparently 30 some odd years of teaching school made her go crazy and now she teaches school in her sleep. lol. I toss and turn all night. Despite having the tv on and my ipod playing in my ears, I was still unable to sleep. Nevertheless, it was warm, I counted my blessings. This morning, mom and I decided to come back to the house and take naps. When we entered the house, the thermostat read 34 degrees! We kept our layers on and crawled under many blankets. There we laid for many hours. Then I started worrying whether or not mom was alive b/c my friend Lisa told me, "sometimes people go to sleep at night, thinking they're warm enough, and they never wake up." Thank you Lisa, for making me spaz out! lol. We drudgingly returned to my grandmothers until 10:30 tonight when we called the house and we heard rings (which meant the power was back on). We were so relieved to be able to return home and sleep in our own beds. Mind you, we have no cable b/c the lines are frozen. Nevertheless, it is warm, I'm counting my blessings.

Funny story through all of this: we rented Redbox movies Thursday afternoon, despite my argument with Anthony about it being a bad idea. Well...guess what was in the DVD player when the power went out...that's right, one of the Redbox movies! lol. With no power, you can't eject the DVD. ha ha. So, we tried to return one of the movies yesterday and McDonalds was without power so the RedBox was also. I returned said movie today. However, the second Redbox movie was not retrieved from the DVD player until 10:30...Redbox charges for the following day at 9:00 pm. Dang it. lol. Oh well, in a few short days, I will own the movie! ha ha jk

Also, I learned your feet are actually warmer in normal socks, as opposed to toe socks.

Here's a few pictures of the ice storm; as you can see, some accumulations were as much as 2 inches!

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