Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving On and Moving Out

I finally got all my pictures back from Jamaica and got them uploaded to go look and comment! ha ha

Yesterday, I spent 10 hours helping a family that I babysit for move into their new house--I'll be doing this tomorrow too, hopefully not for 10 hours though. 

Today, I had to go get my finger prints done so we can be approved to open our foster home again.  The fingerprint guy looked at my prints, confused, and told me I didn't have the distinctive swirls in mine like most people do.  I was like "WHAT? What's wrong with my fingers?" lol.  He replied with "everyone's fingerprints are different." I wanted to say DUH...thank you captain obvious! lol. But, I refrained.  I just said, "well, since mine are so distinctive, I better not commit a crime."  He didn't find it very funny, needless to  However, I found it very humorous :)

Tomorrow, I have a busy day--help the family move, pick up the Da's from school, take church directory pictures, go to the cardiologist, and lastly, take the Da's to a magic show. lol.  

Then Saturday, I start foster parenting classes...

Until next time, 
The Intelligent Blonde

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