Friday, August 27, 2010

You'd Be Surprised What All You Need Pec Muscles For...

This will be a pretty short, random post...

So...I've been in Stillwater taking care of Kelly after her boob job and she seriously can't do anything--she can't even button her pants! lol.  Who knew pec muscles were so important?  Good thing she has a good friend like me ;) ha ha

On another note, why do some guys not get the hint that I don't want to date them?
You'd think that my rudeness and shortness in conversation would turn them off...but it seems to encourage them. lol. 

Go vote on my poll! You only have like 7 days left (or something like that)!
However, Cameron brought to my attention that I should have included the Nissan Xterra in my poll--I can't believe I overlooked it! I actually really like those!
So, right now it looks like my top choices are the Xterra and the I just need to graduate and get a big girl job so I can afford

I start my LAST first day of school in 3 days! I hate that I'm starting back to school, but I'm sooo excited that it's my last semester! FINALLY!

Until next time,
The Intelligent Blonde

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